Friday, April 11, 2008

My apartment

I think I mentioned that I was going to be moving from the trailer park. (that sounds kinda redneck/southern when you say "the trailer park"). I am moving to an apartment. It is a basement apartment that has two levels. I would say townhouse but that isn't exactly what it is. It is kinda weird. The building itself has two levels. There is a space for a business upstairs and my boss leases that space but does not use it. Also upstairs is a dining room and kitchen. Downstairs is the living room, full bath and bedroom. It is HUGE. There is a door going off the kitchen to the back yard. Downstairs is a door in the living room that goes off in to the driveway. My bedroom also has a door that goes into the back yard. The backyard is fenced. Getting from the upstairs to the downstairs requires going down a metal SPIRAL STAIRCASE to the living room. I hate that part. I have to hold on with both hands and I am terrified of falling. Of course you could go outside from the kitchen and walk a few feet to the back door that goes into the bedroom. Not ideal, but you could if you just had to. I will be having some problems with the staircase and I pray my fat ass doesn't fall going down them. (I have already missed the bottom step twice.) It would probably kill me and I would be hanging there for days before someone checked on me. Or I could be hurt really bad and unable to move and hang there for days in pain. Both scenarios would be really awful.

No one has lived there for about a year. Cobwebs are everywhere. I have started removing them already and I have just about got it done. For someone whose biggest fear is spiders this is not easy. (My second fear is mice but I haven't seen one yet.) I am trying to be a big girl about it and just get it over with.

I get really wigged out and full of anxiety when I have to move or anything major like this. There is always a lot to do and this is no exception.

1. Clean this place up--it isn't bad- just the cobwebs for the most part. There is just a lot of them.

2. Get the power on--not a big deal usually. The landlord rented this out one time as a daycare. It has a commercial meter that has to be changed over to residential. Unless I want to pay 3 times what I normally would pay. No thank you. He is going to this--after he heals from cataract surgery. (Couldn't that have waited?)

3. Have the water turned on--again, usually no big deal. But the water line needs a new water regulator and we are waiting on those eyes to heal. (A regulator is something that regulates the water pressure and keeps your pipes from bursting--I think.)

4. Give written notice to trailer park that I am moving--doing that today--memo typed and in purse! Yay!

5. Pack--ugh! Started on that. I keep a clean house but when you start pulling crap out that has been stored for 3 years--it is dirty. Why?

6. Keep my niece and her husband motivated and reminded that THEY are moving me. That will require me sleeping over this weekend and talking about moving a lot and that will keep the anxiety level high for me.

7. Find homes for the two stray dogs I have been taking care of. I cant bring them--I can only have the one dog and that dog is Lucky. This will make me sad but my life will be easier without them. I just want their lives to be good and I have no way of knowing what will really happen to them after I find them homes. And what if I cant find homes for 2 grown female dogs that haven't been spayed? I cant go there right now.

That is all I can think of right now. I am sure there are other things I have forgotten. Why am I doing this? Because I need out of the trailer park for one. Long stories and lots of dysfunction later I am ready for peace. The novelty has worn off. No gossip about whose lights got shut off this week, who is sleeping with who when their husband is at work, who got their car repossessed in the middle of the night, what teenage girl is pregnant by who. And the parents who think that is okay. Why? Why is that okay? Most of the time the pregnancy is by two underage kids banging each other in the woods because their parents don't have time to pull themselves away from their beer and weed to watch their children. This type of thing happens all the time in the trailer park I live in. Sick of it.

The other reason is I live 52 miles from work. Gas is killing me. Not to mention the wear and tear on my new used car. (2002 Dodge Stratus). I can just walk next door to work. And my boss and his wife are the kind of people that will not bother you on your day off. They are wonderful or I wouldn't have considered it.

And last but not least--I will be near my niece and her family. I will love that! Ten minutes away! She has twins, boy and girl, they are about 2 1/2 years old. I want to be near them.

I guess the reason I get so wigged out is because I am the kind of person who wants what they want immediately. I am by myself and I hate having to do everything myself. Wait--come to think of it I had to do everything myself when I had a Mr. I guess that is why I am tired before my time.


Denise said...

Damn Lynn,
I was looking forward to more trailer park red neck stories. I need me some entertainment. You should see my house or better yet talk to my mmom. To hear her tell it I live in cobwebs oh with a dirty microwave.
So how long do you have to wait to move again?
The place seems ideal.

Denise said...

Oh and I forgot. You will find that your blog will help you purge all of the baggage and crap that you have had to deal with. Sorry about Lew's son, that is awful.
Just take deep breaths deep breaths and it will all come together.
We are house hunting right now so that is a headache for sure. I know what you mean.

Lynnbug said...

Denise there are a LOT of trailer park stories!! Believe me--in time, all good things in time. I am moving in the first weekend in May. I cant wait!

Purging myself is the exact reason I am doing this.

Hey--good luck on your house hunting-I cant imagine doing that. I get wigged just renting!! LOL My microwave is dirty right now--I probably will clean it right before I move it. LOL

Linda said...

I think you just need to learn how to "sashay" down that spiral staircase. I would try sliding down the banister. Head RUSH for sure!!

Denise said...

Oh yeah i meant to comment on those stairs too. My grandma had a spiral stair case when i was growing up. I was so afraid of hurting myself. In the summer ! was always barefoot, the stairs were outside. I always always scraped my achillius heel on those things. Hurt like a mo fo. Then one year during christmas dinner I was carrying my plate back down when I crashed and burned big time. Legs all askew! I broke my grandmother's good christmas dish. Oh the horrors. My plate, my plate!

Lynnbug said...

I will NEVER be able to sashay down those things!!! But I am hoping to be able to get down them easier than I do now!! Denise--you just gave me a vision of what I have already thought might happen! I will have to practice going up and down a LONG time before I attempt to carry something! LOL When I get moved in and things a pretty well put up--I will post pictures so you can see this death trap of a staircase!