Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Need To Go On A Diet

So a couple weeks ago I wrote about my health and the eye opener I got when I was put on insulin. The change to insulin is going much better. My blood sugars are starting to level out and I am taking 2 shots a day along with oral medications. The problem now is my weight. I have started gaining and I cant afford to do that. I already weigh right at 200, maybe 210 by now.

The doctor said that almost every medication including the insulin may cause me to gain and/or at the very least retain weight. So this means that losing weight is going to be harder than ever.

This is a battle I have fought for years. I have been thin and I have been heavy. At one time I weighed 235. I do not feel good when I weigh over 200 pounds. I feel best at around 175 to 180. Even at 175 to 180 I could lose about 20 more pounds but I usually can only get to 175 before things start going wrong.

I have to start eating healthier. Salads, veggies and lean meats. Light soy milk. I love soy milk. I went on a vegetarian diet at one time and I started drinking soy milk and I cant go back to regular milk. The light soy milk has a lot better flavor than regular skim milk.

I need to get motivated and since its summertime, it would be easy to get the fresh vegetables I love and all the good fruits too. I eat meat--I just dont care for a lot of meat when it is hot summertime.

I am going to ponder on this and make me a list of things to eat healthier and still enjoy eating. Wish me luck. I am going to the grocery story this weekend and stock up on all the stuff.

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