Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alabama 41 - Western Kentucky 7

Okay! Alabama is doing great! Yes, Western Kentucky was not supposed to win and they didnt. But Alabama once again showed that they are ready to play great football. Something we have been waiting for so long.
I really want to go to a game this year. I really do. I would even settle for hanging out tailgating during the game. That is a party people! I got to try to work that out some how, some way.
Next week we go on the road to play Arkansas. This game is always a tough one for Alabama. But I have hope that this year it wont be so tough. This year we will show everyone in Arkansas that we cant be stopped.
I am very happy about the way this week's game went down. Coach Sabin allows the players a 24 hour celebration period after a win. Then they look forward to the next game and what needs to be done to win. I adhere to that 24 hour celebration period also.
So, just for today I celebrate!
Roll Tide Roll!

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