Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Momma Has Left The Building

Momma went home Monday. We got up and took our time and headed out.

We stopped at Amber's and Momma said goodbye to the babies. Kenzy was sitting in Momma's lap and had her hand on her chest. I asked her what she was doing and she promptly told me she was feeling Mawmaw's titties. She is obssessed with titties! I think all babies are when they get to a certain age.

It was a long ride to T-town with my back. It had been feeling better but I wasnt ready for a car ride. Mother loaded me down with stuff when I got there. She gave me this HUGE hibiscus, a blanket that was made by some of Daddy's family, canned goods (always canned goods) and homeade pear and fig preserves. Love me some of Momma's perserves. I had me a biscuit with butter and pear preserves for supper. Yum! Not good for the diet, but great for my attitude. She also gave me a cover for my recliner. After a huge battle with the recliner, the recliner lost and I now have what looks like a new chair. Happy but tired after that.

I stopped by my BFF house on the way out. I got more stuff. I love to get stuff and I will even ask for stuff. I got two new/used purses that are cute. I got to pictures, one that I have been promised for years and one that is very retro. It is from the 60's and it is what they used to call a sofa picture. It is a covered bridge. Most people wouldnt like it, but I really do. It reminds me of every home I ever went into as a child because everyone had a picture like that. She also gave me my Easter present! LOL ! It is a snow ball of the easter bunny with a basket. I love it.

I got home and went over to the office and retrieved the laptop I use at work. I have discovered that I can pick up the wireless signal from the office in my dining room. Oh, do I know a new freedom and happiness! I can go online at home and play and play on the internet. I cannot wait until I can save enough money to get my own computer. It will be on like a chicken bone then! (I limit what I do on the business computer, if you know what I mean.)

On like a chicken bone is a southern saying. Not sure how it came about but I use it occasionally when I am trying to describe myself being out of control about something. I thought I might need to explain.

I slept in my bed for the first time in a week. I was so looking forward to it because the couch is getting old. My back is also tired of the couch. But it wasnt what I thought it would be. My back still hurt. I am so hoping that after a few days it gets back to normal. I am using the naproxin that Linda suggested and I also got this stuff called Biofreeze. Let me tell you, Biofreeze is a miracle if only for an hour or two. You can only get it at the chiropracter. I may be looking one up here soon to get some more. I dont think I can live without this product.

Tomorrow is work and I will most likely have to get up early and go to the market for fresh veggies. Bossman and Bosslady will be out of the office at least most of the day if not all of it. So bad back or not, I will have to lift heavy stuff when I unload. But I will have the office mostly to myself and that is a plus.

Im gonna miss Momma. I like having her around. I already invited her to come stay a week at the end of October. She said we would have to see. She has a social life after all.

Till next time!


Linda said...

Awww sorry Momma had to leave, but I'm glad that you are back in your own bed. Sorry your back is still acting up. Hopefully time will take care of that (quickly!)

"on it like a chicken bone"? ha ha
Is that anything like, "on it like a bone pony"? (sorry Denise)

That is too funny about Kenzy and the titties. Gabe was like that for a looonnng time, and I am so glad that he is over it. He was constantly lobbing those little arms up the front of my shirt (and I rarely wear a bra)and trying to cop a feel. He used the pretense of wanting to poof (give me a raspberry)on my belly and then pull that fast little move on me.
Of course I never mad a big deal out it, just steered him away. Now that he is a big 5 years old, we have lots of conversations about "butt weiners" and stuff like that. Well, not conversations exactly, they are one sided (by him). Things like "grandma how funny would that be if you had a weiner on your butt". So we've gone from boobies to butts.. How fun are these little ones???

Lynnbug said...

Weiners in your butt?!!!?? How funny and totally weird! I would die laughing at him!

Hide.. Literally! said...

Ohh I am sorry that Momma is gone, hopefully your back will be better and her schedule will be lighter at the end of October so you can enjoy her company and the couch again. :)

I have the hardest time even typing the T word. I don't know how kids become so fascinated with things but I would turn 3 shades of purple and launch them off my lap. And then laugh ofcourse. Kids are definately innocent until we corrupt them - but what a great story to share when he is older.

Linda said...

In defense of Gabe (ha ha) it's weiners "ON" your butt, Lynn. He will then go on with "weiners on your arm, face, etc".