Thursday, September 4, 2008

No Rest on Labor Day

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day. I did nothing. I was supposed to be off but I kept getting called over to the office to help the bossman. It was all about boiled peanuts. We sell quite a bit of them, both regular and spicey.

The bossman is a typical man. He cannot do anything by himself. First he called and said he was running out of npeanuts and didnt know what he was going to do. That was a hint. A hint that said please walk over and resolve this problem for me by getting some more cooking. So I did. I also made sure he had his lunch.

Cooking boiled peanuts is easy. Peanuts, water and salt. For the spicey you add Old Bay seasoning or some other cajun spice. Put them on to boil and let them cook about 4 hours. No big deal. But bossman was lost with the whole concept.

After about two hours he calls me again. These peanuts are not salty enough and they arent done. I know. It takes 4 hours and the reason they dont taste salty is because they arent done. Then, as if he hasnt heard a word I said he tells me they just arent salty enough. I just told you it is because they arent done. They will get salty when they are done. I told him this about 3 times.

This just would not do for him. I had to walk back over and just to get him to hush, put more salt in them. While I was in the office he had a lot of "when you get time or if you have time" things he needed. So I just stayed for a while and tried to be on the computer and block him out of my mind. I had already discarded the idea that I would be able to watch my soap opera during regularly scheduled times. Soapnet would be what I would have to use as a back up.

I think he just hated being in the office alone. His wife, my boss lady, was home sick. Men are worse than women sometimes. They hate having to do things for themselves and they hate thinking they may be on their own. So as long as I sat and stayed in the office he was fine.

That was how I spent my Labor Day.

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