Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Acorns are Hazerdous to Your Health

Acorns will kill you and they damned near killed me. At least for the last couple days I have wished I was dead.

I was sweeping the leaves off my sidewalk. I only had like a foot deep of them so I thought maybe I should get rid of a few of them. It is a sidewalk I rarely use so that is why leaves are allowed to pile up. I almost get finished sweeping. Amber and Ken and the kids are in the backyard playing. I step on this pile of acorns and they rolled like marbles under my feet. I almost went down before I caught myself. In doing so, something "popped" in my knee area. Like on the side of my knee. The pain was terrible! I had to sit down and then I couldnt get back up. After quite some time and help I got inside the house and to my recliner.

I thought it would ease up. I thought it would be okay. I thought wrong. It just got bigger and bigger. Amber and the kids left. I went to sleep for like 15 minutes. I woke up and I couldnt do anything and the pain was a lot worse and my knee was the size of a football. So Amber came and we went to the ER. Nothing broken but possibly a torn ligament. I dont think it is a torn ligament because other than a lot of instability, the swelling is going down and the pain is easing.

Have you ever been immobile? I get to my chair and realize my cigarettes are across the room. I get up and hobble to get them and hobble back. The lighter? Where the hell is my lighter? And Im going to need a drink. That requires a trip up the spiral staircase that is a death trap even on a good day. I get all that done and realize I need to pee. The lights need to be cut out on the porch and the dog needs to be fed. Get all that done and I sit there and wonder if the upstairs back door is locked. To hell with it. Locked or not I aint going back up.

I have actually skipped a couple meals to keep from having to go up the stairs. I cant even imagine I would ever do that.

The last few days have been difficult but they are getting better. I wont have to take all my pain meds. Which brings me to another question. When you tell a doctor Loratabs make you sick and you will need phenegren to take with it, why would they prescribe 15 Loratab and 10 phenegren? Does that make sense?

Not to me.


Linda said...

That sucks.Totally sucks. I hope that it is getting better every day.
Can you imagine what Bruce has been dealing with for 7 weeks now? And the end is not near yet.Geeze.If you have to keep it up-you need BIG POCKETS to carry your stuff in. Bruce came back into the bedroom one morning with yogurt and a spoon in the wasteband of his underwear!!!
Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry girlie that sucks!

Lynnbug said...

Linda I had too much in my hands one day and I had to stuff my keys in my bra cuz I had no pockets. It is getting better and I actually thought about how hard it must be for Bruce. My injury is nowhere NEAR what he is going through.