Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Poor Feet

Week one at Walmart is over. I like the job--electronics is fun. The people I work with are very nice. For the most part, the customers are nice. I never have expected them to ALL be nice. That is just the way it is when you are dealing with the public.

My poor feet are the only problem. My feet have been used to flip flops all summer. They have been used very little because I sat behind a desk all summer. So, my feet are rebelling in a big way. They dont like to stand up 8 hours a day on a hard floor. They did the same thing when I worked in fast food. I know that if I can get through the first 2 weeks it will get better. But right now, I cant see past today.

I have blisters on the sides, top and bottom of my feet. The blisters are mostly in the toe area. Then there is the pain that feels like the bones of my feet are breaking when I walk. Then there is the burning that feels like my feet are in a constant ant bed. Have I left anything out of this description?

When I take my shoes off at night my toes are blue. All of these things are connected to the diabetes and neuropathy in my feet. I also have poor circulation. A really nice lady at work happened to notice I was having a problem and brought me a Dr. Schoals foot massager that was still in the plastic wrapper and never been used. I gotta tell you it is heaven when I put my feet in the hot water and it massages my feet. God it feels good. I was touched by this woman's kindness, especially since she doesnt even know me. I have found that most everyone that works at this store is like this.

I am just hoping and praying that by the end of the holidays I will be told I will be kept on. They say temp holiday help may not be kept on. Then someone else will say not to worry I probably will be kept on. The fact is that nobody knows until that day arrives. I would hate to work through this much pain only to lose the job. I have dwelled on this too much.

I got up this morning and said to myself that God put me there and if I dont have this job at the end of the holidays it will only be because there is something much better in store for me. I have to keep this positive outlook. For one, I know it is true. I have always been taken care of in spite of my own stupid decisions. I have never went hungry or without a place to lay my head. This is the direction I need for my thoughts to go.


Hide.. Literally! said...

I know foot pain, and you are in my prayers. Hang in there - buy good inserts and bigger shoes. If someone tells you to wear thinner socks - DON'T! And remember we have the ability to see the nice in all people no matter what they may be trying to portray. You are in my prayers gorgeous..

The Coconut Diaries said...

Thank goodness you're OK! I just saw the news reports of WalMart employees getting killed on Friday. That's crazy!!

Linda said...

Oh Lynn, you are in my thoughts. I have a chronically bad back, so being on my feet hurts me-just different. I get to sit on my fat ass at work.....
The diabetes is an issue with the neuropathy (sp). My ex had diabetes and had his leg amputated below the knee due to complications from diabetes and a foot injury. Don't worry! He also had multiple sclerosis which only amplified the problem. But, take care of those feet!!
Like Heidi says,bigger shoes, inserts and those foot baths will certainly be uber beneficial.

I totally admire the two job situation. I did that for a spell and I know that it can suck the life out of a person, but I'm proud that I did what I had to do.

You rock, girl!!