Sunday, December 28, 2008

To My Niece

Amber is having a really rough time. Christmas did not go as well as she had hoped. The babies had a great time, Amber--not so much. I am really unhappy about that.

My niece is the most important person in the world to me. For so many reasons and bad decisions in my life I never had children. Amber has filled that void in my life. She is my best friend. The kind that is there no matter what is going on, good or bad. She loves me unconditionally and never judges me. I feel the same way about her.

I hate that Amber is experiencing the level of sadness that she is having. You never want to see the people you love hurt, especially when there is nothing you can do to ease their pain. All I can do is love her and listen when she wants to talk. That may mean long hours into the night, but that is okay.

I am not the only person that loves Amber. She is blessed with a Mother and Father that love her. My Momma, her Maw Maw, thinks the sun rises and sets on her shoulders. She has a brother that would go to the end of the earth for her if he thought she needed him to. So Amber has a really strong family base of support.

Because Amber knows the love of her family, she has been able to pass that love on to her children. You can see how loved and happy they are in every picture I have posted. They adore their mother. They depend on their mother.

Amber, I want you to know that you can always count on me and your family. You are beautiful, strong, smart, loving and I dont think anything will keep you down long. The other day you told your Maw Maw that you felt so alone. I want you to know that you are not alone, you have me, your Mother and Father , Maw Maw, your brother, your children and an entire network of friends that you can lean on. So feel free to lean when you need to. Things will get better, and probably better than you ever expected. Just take every day one day at a time. Take some time to reconnect with your old friends. (Not necesarily you know who.) You have a lot of friends you have lost touch with so look some of them up.

I love you baby girl! I woke up thinking about you today and I am sure I will continue to think about you all day long. I said a little prayer for you and your family last night and I will repeat that prayer every night.

You are important to me. I am so glad you are in my life.

You are the air that I breath.


thecoconutdiaries said...

My mother was a drug addict most of my life and the only way I survived were the people outside of my family who embraced me, hugged me, and let me know that I'd be OK. Even if Amber can't tell you, you mean just as much to her.

Hang in there!

Linda said...

I'm sending good positive thoughts your way!!