Monday, February 9, 2009

The Bachelor - Hometown Visits

This is where the bachelor always gets to know the women the best. Seeing their families can be very revealing. The first date is in Canada where Jillian is from. She is from Kenowa, British Columbia. She takes him around her town, they visit a winery and she opens up about her family. Her mother suffers from depression, her mom and dad split up a lot, her mother spent lots of time in the hospital and tried to commit suicide a couple times. But her mother is better now. Hr parents stayed together despite all the trouble. She cried, they kissed, blah, blah, blah. Her families home is beautiful. Her mother read a cheesy poem as a toast to her, and of course her mother cried. He met the whole family including her Granny. They had a great time and I liked her family.

Next date is with Molly. Grand Rapids, Michigan. She meets him at the country club and they go golfing. She never brings guys home so he is like one of two guys she has ever brought to meet her parents. Her mother brings out all these stupid hats and everyone has to put them on. They all look goofy. Her dad seems kind of nervous with all the cameras around. Her mother has Jason draw a picture of Molly and see if Molly knows what it is about. It emphasized the smile and that made her look sort of like a clown. But it was an okay picture. They didnt have dinner or anything. Their time together was okay but I didnt see it as being as much fun as his time with Jillian. That could have been an editing thing.

Next date is in Carlsbad, California with Naomi. Now I think Naomi is way to immature for him. She is so collegiate or something. BTW, I think her mouth is too large, just a observation. Her family is strange. Her parents are divorced but they are both there. They hula-hooped. They bury a dove that her mother hit a few days before with her car. It has been in her refrigerator since it died and saved until this momentous moment of meeting Jason. She has Jason say the eulogy. Her mother believes in reincarnation. Her father is very religious and had a discussion with Jason about the bible and Christianity and God. It was a little heavy for a first visit. From both parents. Jason is a gracious and polite guy. He played along well. But he was definitely uncomfortable. I dont think the hometown visit went well for her anyway. I mean, I think the visit revealed a lot to him.

Last date is with Melissa in Dallas, Texas. I really like Melissa. I like Dallas too. He seemed exceptionally happy to see her. She made a gift for Ty. It was a tooth fairy box. Unfortunately he did not get to meet her family, just some best friends. Her parent were not comfortable with the whole set up and didnt want to meet him in such a public way. Jason was disappointed. He felt like he really needed to meet her family in order to make a decision about whether or not he could spend the rest of his life with her. It seemed like he had a really great time with her friends. Im not sure if that was enough because he didnt get to meet the parents. Also, her friends admitted they didnt know her parents either. Weird, to be so close with her friends and they never met her parents. It left me thinking maybe something was not being said. It was a good date except that main reason he went was the parents and they were a no show. I cant beleive her parents let her down like that.

The rose ceremony was an emotional one, of course. Each week is the best week of his life and I really find that hard to believe. Molly got the first rose. The second rose went to Jillian. The drama built again for the final rose with Melissa and Naomi left. The final rose went to Melissa! I was very happy that not meeting the parents didnt affect her staying. Naomi needed to go. She just wasnt right for him. He was really sweet to her. In the end he didnt think she was ready to settle down. I have to agree.

I have made my pick--I want Melissa to be his pick. I just like her a lot. I like Jillian too, so she is my second choice. Molly is okay but she just doesnt stand out to me.

Okay--next week, same time, same place! They will be heading to New Zealand! And lets not forget the overnight dates. There will also be another plane ride.

If I was on this show I would have to take a LOT of dramamine.

And later this season--Deanna comes BACK! For real! Previews show Jason breaking down in tears over this.

Cant wait!


Hide.. Literally! said...

I can't wait either. Melissa is my pick hands down, there's just something about her. I do have to say with Deanna coming back I'm nervous. I loved her, I loved them together and too see what comes of it is going to be some drama. Love it!!

Lynnbug said...

Im so glad you are loving this show! Yeah--Deanna is going to stir things up. At least I hope so, I dont wont this to be the big build up for nothing. Ive waited all season for this!

thecoconutdiaries said...

I'm still rooting for Jillian but I will miss your recaps when the show is over! Btu I'm sure we'll be talking about their break up a couple months later, so it's all good.