Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Cannot Bitch And It Is Killing Me!

I was wondering how many people who blog refrain from blogging about things that are really on their mind at the risk of making someone mad or hurting their feelings? Even if the person or thing you refrain from blogging about makes you mad or hurts your feelings? I REALLY would love to blog about some things going on and I cant. Thank goodness I can call Denise or go to work and bitch like crazy!

Most of the time I find my troubles are my own making. Most of the time it is because I made a bad decision and I knew it was bad at the time because I got that little warning feeling in my head and it traveled all the way down to my stomach. But I make the wrong decision anyway hoping against all hope that the feeling is wrong and I'm just a crazy bitch. Then I realize that I should have paid attention to that feeling from the start. Ooops!

That is where I am at. I am not in distress or anything. My world is not going to collapse and Im not going to die and no one else is going to die. I am aggravated beyond belief at the limitations of my patience. I hate that I have no room in my life for my "routines" to be disrupted. I hate that I am going to have to ride this bad decision I made out and not be able to blog about it and I can only hope that I can get to the other side of this situation without making anyone mad or hurting their feelings. That is another unlikely thing by the way, I most likely will NOT be able to get through without flapping my mouth and popping off. Because like I said, I am mad and my feelings are slightly hurt that my wonderfulness has not been acknowledged in the appropriate manner. Like kissing my feet or something. Putting my name in lights. Making a public service announcement about me. I dont know--there are lots of things I could think of that might make me feel better.


Hide.. Literally! said...

It's your blog baby.. You can change names and scenerios and blog away. We all make bad choices. But don't be hard on yourself.. Email me and tell me you are alright. Oh and I love that you call yourself a crazy bitch in this blog - because I am a self proclaimed one of those too! Love ya gorgeous - Hang in there!!

Denise said...

Sometimes I want to blog about certain things but I don't.But for the most part I just say fuck it and vomit forth everything. Or I call my friends and bitch. But for this very reason and I can't stress this enough. I DON'T LET MY FAMILY READ MY BLOG.I don't let my neighbors or aquaintances read it either. Only my best friends have access to my blog and they never read it or comment on it half the time.I'm sorry that you are regretting your decision. I am not one to have any patience for the shit that you are dealing with so I have no advice except for the advice I gave you the other day.
hang in there girlie love you!

Missy said...

AMEN!!! I can not vent/bitch because the said people read my blog (even though they pretend not too!)

I love reading your blog - I found you via Carrie - but continued reading because we both live in Alabama.