Saturday, February 21, 2009

Walmart--Where America Parties

Walmart is never boring. I have found that one out. We have been really busy. The other night got I was bringing a 32" TV out for a customer. Just as I can from the back onto the floor another male customer was standing there with a tape measure. He started measuring the TV that was in my buggy. I was taken aback for a second. I wasnt sure if this was my customer or not. There had been so many they had started running together. When that happens you just hope the customer remembers who YOU are.

He wasnt with my customer. He was with another guy and they were drunk. I dont know about anyone else, but whenever I got drunk going to Walmart was not on the top of my list. Drunk guy thought he was charming and cute. He was neither. He had that tape measure like I said and started measuring the box. I asked him if he could hold on a second while I checked my sober customer out. He extended the tape measure and pointed it at my face and touched my cheek right under my left eye. He then told me he would like to look at TV's also.! Yes----he did. I walked past him with my sober customer and let him know I would be right back. He then took the tape measure and telling me not to forget about him. Well, guess what drunk guy! I havent forgotten about you! You are so unforgettable that EVERYONE in Walmart has heard about you! You are FAMOUS!

I wanted to kill him. I didnt go back to help him. I sent someone else. This was to save his life and save my job.

It would also keep me out of The Tutweiler State Prison For Women. I'm not into a 20 to life prison sentence.


Linda said...

I tell you what. If someone poked me with a tape measure, I would not be responsible for my "re-action".
Stellar employee. That's me....

Denise said...

I would be going postal on his ass. You do not touch me unless you know me, and then it's not guaranteed that I will let you that close. I would have lost my job let me tell you.