Thursday, March 5, 2009

Roommate Gone-Friendship Intact

I let a friend f mine move in with me about 2 weeks ago. God it seems much longer than that! She moved out yesterday. This was her decision and that was a good thing because I am not suited for roommates. AT ALL.

It was hard for me to realize that I have become such a lone wolf. But I have. I dont do well with someone else in my space. Using my remote, snoring, griping because I dont have this or I dont have that. I dont like to reach for something I bought to eat and it is totally gone and I have not gotten any of it. Dont get me wrong, I dont mind if you have some, but leave me some too! Because my schedule is so tight and I work such long hours I get very little sleep. I got even less with a roommate because she got up earlier than I did. I could almost handle that, but when we are both off work dont wake my ass up at 6:00 am either. That is my day to rest, sleep, smoke cigarettes, watch MY TV shows and be a slug. I also dont want to hear the intimate details of your latest sexual encounter. I can watch porn on the web for that. When I say intimate that may be too nice of a word. Graphic--so graphic it made me sick. Not jealous as some people may think, but really sick. I just I have routines.

For instance, when I come home at night I sit in my chair and relax and watch General Hospital. You cant do that when you have to search for the remote because it isnt where you left it. You have to empty the ashtray because it is overflowing. Your Pringles are gone. Or, God forbid, your roommate is still up and is in the middle of watching yet another Lifetime movie and this means if I try to change the channel to what "my routine" is there will be bickering. So I dont interrupt her movie and I am out of my schedule. This type of thing makes my eye twitch. Especially if you stop watching the movie before it is over and go to bed when I do. At least watch the whole movie if you are going to interrupt "my routine." Dont talk to me when I'm trying to go to sleep, watch TV, talking on the phone, or I am tired. Tell you what, to be on the safe side, just dont talk to me unless it is my off day and I initiate the conversation.

Im glad she decided to move. I was at the point where I was just fixin' to tell her it would be best if she did when she announced she was moving. GREAT! She thought I would be mad. I quickly let her know that I was delighted. At least now we can remain friends and I saw no friendship in the future if she stayed. I will admit, this was my mistake. I knew it in my heart and felt it in my bones. But I was hoping things would have been different. She never realized how irritated I was, she happily went about her days and her business as care free as she could be.

So I am free now. Free to be the reclusive, selfish bitch I want to be.


Hide.. Literally! said...

All I can say is.. I freaking love you! I love the eye twitch, I love the pringles, I love it all! I know I will one day hug you, but I won't ask to camp out. I can't wait for that day!! Be good!!

Linda said...

OMG! I had no idea that Denise had moved in with you......(she hearts pringles)

Denise said...

I do not heart pringles! I heart baked cheddar ruffles! The kids eat pringles. Haha.When have you ever known me to eat a pringle? I was with you all along on this journey lynn, and I was leery from the start. I understand completely. I cannot live with anyone but my kids, and even they drive me nuts hahaha.

Lynnbug said...

I probably could live with Denise! She is a LOT like me in thinking. Well, maybe not, but she totally understands me and I know ya'll do to. So that means I dont have to feel so wierd and so much like a bitch!

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