Monday, August 10, 2009

The Wedding

I had a great time at the wedding on Saturday. It was simple and quick. The way I personally think it should be. I dont think John could have handled anythong long and complicated. For all his eagerness to get married he was scared shitless. When I got there he was taking deep breaths and pacing and I had to help him with his cufflinks. He had no idea how to get them on the shirt sleeve.

Below is Amy-the bride. Her hair kept fallin down so they were trying to fix it. This was after the wedding.

This is John. The wedding is over at this point and he was relaxing. He cleans up really good.

Another picture of Amy. I think she is just beautiful and always smiling and happy. Of course Saturday was no exception.

John and his son Zach, right before the wedding. John literally was about to faint. He wouldnt admit it but he was.

And this is Momma before we left for the wedding. She was looking pretty in that yellow jacket. Unfortunately, I had to smoke a cig while I was with her. I was so up tight and on edge from not smoking I got afriad I was going to hurt her feelings. My patience was thin. So I did smoke just to keep from being mean. Because there was no reason to be mean. But I could see it coming and she could too.

It was a good day! I havent had a long day to relax and be with family and friends in a long time.
I love working only one job! I almost feel like Im on vacation or something!

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