Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moving to God's Country

You see those pictures in my previous post? They are beautiful. I love that area. Next month I am moving there.

Big step for me. I will be rooming with my friend for work and we are both extremely nervous. He has roommates all the time. I dont. He is nervous because he never has women for roommates. I am nervous because I want to make sure I can stand to live with someone. I am also afraid Lucky will eat his chickens. That would be terrible and it is highly likely she will.

I am also excited because I will be able to live on my salary down there. I cant do it right now. Things are really tight. So tight that buying a soft drink is a debate to decide what I will give up for the soft drink. So tight I cant buy tires for my car or contact lenses for my eyes. That is not a good thing. This solution will help me out tremendously.

Lester has been after me for some time to move in down there. Purely a platonic relationship by the way. He is a good friend and I like hanging out with him.

We are going to make more plans for the big move today. Figure out the boundaries that shouldnt ever be crossed. And we both have them and I know I can respect his and he is the type of person that will definitely respect mine.

His kids are grown and I have met his son. His son calls me the Superstar. Funny! I have no idea why but he does and I think it is cool.

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