Tuesday, June 8, 2010

People Who Throw Out Animals Suck

We have acquired three baby kittens! At first it was only one. For a week we were enjoying this one:
We named him Socks. He wandered out of the woods in front of our house and we took him in. After a week he left for 3 days and came back with this one:

We named this one Spot. Obviously his brother. Neither one have an entire tail. Very stubby little tails.

After a couple of days, low and behold this one appeared!
She has a tail and is calico. We named her Lena.

At first me and Lester just thought Socks was going and telling his brothers and sisters he found a neat place to live. We just couldnt figure out how they came to our house at intervals like this. Then the neighbor told us her grandson saw a lady putting them out of here car. In fact, there should be another kitten but it hasnt shown up yet and I hope it is okay.

So, we have three new cats. Sometimes I think there is a sign on our house that says bring all your strays here. It seems at least once a month someone brings something they no longer want or need.

But it is cool. We will take care of these babies. They wont get thrown out or hurt or starve.

They are some of the lucky ones. So many arent.

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