Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Is That Smell?

I have had a busy week. Im not sure what I have done but I am exhausted so I must have been doing something. The heat is horrible, the humidity is worse. This is the way it always is in August down here. Absolutely unbearable. This is the time everything turns brown from a lack of rain and an over abundance of sunshine.

Mother is still scheduled for surgery the 24th of this month. I am not quite as worried as I was. Her PET scan came back clear of cancer except for the one in her mouth. That is a real good thing. Now to just get over the hurdle of the surgery and the doctor plans to harvest some lymph nodes and make sure there isnt any microscopic cancer in them. Better safe than sorry. I worry how much if any of her tongue will be taken out. How hard it will be for her to eat and how long that will last. I hate she has to go through this, but I want it to be over as soon as possible.

Lester fell at work. He slipped on ice in the freezer and landed on his hips and back causing whiplash to his neck. He is going to be okay. The problem is he wants it to be more than it is. He faking his symptoms. His family is encouraging him. He says he cant hear but he can. He cant lift anything, but he can. He cant drive, but he can. He cant sit, but he can. He cant stand, but he can. He is dizzy, but he is not. None of those things is wrong with him. His neck and shoulders are slightly stiff. That is it. He says he is suing and going to get rich. I cant get it through his head that he has no law suit. He wasnt even prescribed medication. He has no long term disability. He has nothing to sue for. What is going to happen is he is going to lose his job if he doesnt co-operate with Workman's Comp. That is what will happen if he doesnt straighten up.

He wants me to play the game and lie for him. I cannot do that. I refuse to do that. He says I am negative towards him and changing towards him because I wont play the game. Honestly, I am extremely disappointed in him right now. Very disappointed.

I have a lot on my plate. Between work and what is going on with Momma, I am not up for a lot of bullshit. And this is bullshit.

And bullshit stinks.

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Anonymous said...

Lynn, my girlfriends and I are praying for you to find piece and strength to help you do the right thing. Jesus will show you the way!!!