Monday, April 14, 2008

Cat's in Heat

My cat Lucy is a good cat. She is about 3 years old. Her picture is to the left. Beautiful, just beautiful. I have never had a female cat and when I got Lucy it had been at least 25 years since I had a cat at all. I got her and her brother, Desi when I moved to the trailer park. I got another cat about a year after that because my current boyfriend got one he just had to have and when he left, he left the cat. Hooray. Anyway, I started making the cats stay inside after Desi came up gone. The dogs in the neighborhood like to chase and kill cats and I didnt want to risk them getting eaten by a dog. Fuzzy escaped one day and while I was trying to catch her the dogs got after her. I havent seen her since and it hurt my heart so bad that I have really gotten protective of little Lucy. Going outside has not been an option.

During this time, Lucy had a litter of kittens. She came in heat late, she was about 1 1/2 years old. I was beginning to wonder if she was normal. Cats usually have first heat from 9-12 months. (Or so I have read) She got pregnant when I was still letting them outside. The kittens were born and given away. No more kittens!!! I was not going to let her get pregnant again. I didnt have the money to spay her, but I figure no big deal right? Wrong!

I thought boy cats were a problem if they werent neutured. Spraying all over everything and staying gone and coming back beaten up after a round of "catting." Girl cats will go into heat - it will last a couple miserable weeks and it will be over. No harm. No foul. Right? Wrong!

Lucy went back into heat about 6 months after her litter was born. Crying, and crying and yelling and crawling all over the floor like a snake. Going from window to window to the door, back to the window. Crying. So much crying. She has tried to have sexual relations with me, the dog, the neighbors dog, inanimate objects. You name it.

People--she is still doing it. Only it has gotten so much worse! No she is SPRAYING all over everything. Crying, crawling, Crying, window looking, trying to get out the door when you open it, and SPRAYING. This goes on about 10 hours out of the day. I got to thinking something is wrong with her. She wont eat a lot, she wont sleep. So I went on the internet and got some awful news. Something I did not know. The news is this: A cat will go into heat and unless it breeds or is spayed, it STAYS IN HEAT on the average 3 weeks out of the month. If you are lucky, you get a week break. And the beat goes on.

The other day she sprayed my landlord. This weekend she sprayed me. Everything I have read says do not yell at the cat it only makes it worse. Well, I tried not yelling. When she sprayed me I flung her accross the room. She landed on her feet but she got the message. Briefly she got the message.

It is a bad situation. I cant get her spayed right now. No money. After I move I will be able to get it done at the Humane Society of the county I am moving to for $25.00. I hope I can stand her that long. I hope she can stand herself. I have had thoughts of leaving her at the Humane Society. I have even kept her closed up in the room where her litter box is. In order not to kill her between now and moving day I will have to most likely go back to keeping her in that room.

I am going nuts. She sprayed me for God's sake! OMG!


Denise said...

Ok I had to ponder this one. I am dumb or something because I didn't know that cats did that. I dont like cats, and yet we have an outside one. can you borrow the money?
Can you call a vet and see what they recommend?

Lynnbug said...

Denise I didnt know they did it either. I didnt know they stayed in heat like forever and I didnt know they SPRAYED!!! I am going to have to do something for sure. I love her and she cant help it but the piss is killing me. I go behind her with cleaner and a rag the whole time Im home. Crazy!