Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I got the Motivation to diet

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a check up my diabetes. I knew it was not going to be good. The last time I went she put me on Actose. This is an oral medication and she was hoping it would bring my blood sugars down. I took it about 4 weeks and gradually over those weeks my body started hurting. After a while I couldnt hardly move. I felt as if I had been beaten very badly. I called her and she had me stop taking it. So I did, my body quit hurting and I waited for my regular appointment to go see her to find out what was next. Insulin. That is what I have to take now along with my metformin and glyburide. I really hate this! I do not look forward to taking a shot everyday. But what I really dread is getting used to it, adjusting to the proper dose and having to really be careful not to let my blood sugar bottom out. The adjustment to the medication is going to be hard. And she is going to have to bring my sugars down slow because they have been high for so long that my body has grown accustomed to it. At the doctors office yesterday my blood sugar was 316. That is bad. The last A1C I had was 12.7. I didnt ask what it was yesterday. I know it was not any better so I didnt want to know how much worse it was.

All this means is I am going to have to really take a lot better care of myself. Watch my diet is a big thing. If I ever get to feeling better maybe I could do some walking or something. Right now by the middle of any given day I am exhausted and just want to sleep. I also get really bad headaches too.

The doctor also put me back on Effexor. I used to take it a few years ago and it helped stabilize my moods and my appetite. I am really glad about that. I need to be on depression medicine and I also need to stop eating so much. This could kill two birds with one stone.

With everything going on with the move this news is kinda overwhelming to me. It is definately going to take some getting used too.


Denise said...

Hang in there Lynn! You can do it. Oh and i dyed my hair pomegranete. It is starting to grow on me. Every ones else seems to like it better then me.

Lynnbug said...

Well, I am not that happy right now. But if I can get to feeling better I will be okay with it. I think pomegranete is a cool color. Take a pic of it if you want and let us see! ;)