Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stupid Trailer Park Stuff

I thought before I move I would write about the stupid trailer park stuff. Things that happen that don't make sense to me. And stuff that does make sense to me and that is scary. Another indication it is time for me to leave.

Last night I kept hearing this loud banging. Something was hitting metal and it was hitting it hard. A little later my neighbor W. came over to sit and visit for a minute. (Which by the way he comes by every night and I am not one to want visitors every night but he does it anyway. I HATE that.) He said the banging was Number 18 hitting his garbage can as hard as he could with a metal pole. Why I ask? We are talking about a grown man with 3 children. He is doing it because he is mad at his wife and wants to let out anger. Hopefully his anger will be out soon because he has been doing it for the last hour. W. said well it may gone on for a while because he is drunk as snot. Great.

The other day number 6 was parked in the drive beside my house. Her baby was in the van and her husband was talking to my lovely landlord. Remember now, number 6 is the one who doesn't bathe. We call her the bearded lady. She has massive amounts of black facial hair and she does nothing to take care of that. (I can talk about facial hair because I have it too and I take care of mine.) Number 6 had on a spaghetti strap top and she reached around to get the baby from the back and what did my eyes see? VERY LONG underarm hair! OMG! Why? Why? I cant understand this total disregard for personal hygiene.

I have to talk also about the mentality people in the trailer park have when it comes to raising their children. I don't have any kids so I probably shouldn't judge. But---I will comment anyway. Perfect example is one morning Number 1 had stopped over to talk to me and the landlord. We were outside drinking coffee. The conversation was moving right along and the subject of children came up. Mostly about what to do about the kids in the park being out all hours of the night and there had been some minors drinking. I mean I am talking 10 to 15 year old kids. Number 1 has one child in prison and he wont get out for several years. Although his mother will tell you it isn't his fault he got caught receiving stolen property and drugs. And after this conversation with her, I am not entirely sure it is all his fault. She may have influenced it a bit. She also has a son who is 16 who got his 15 year old girl friend preggers. But they are ready! (Another story for another day) Anyway--not to get off track here. We were talking and having morning coffee - yeah - that is where I was. We got to discussing the kids and curfews not being kept, drinking of minors, etc. And Number 1 just laid it out--she would much rather have her kids smoking pot than drinking. She doesn't have a problem with that--but the drinking she wont have. (Of course she is a drunk and there is a story there for another day also) Nice. Really nice. The look on my face was priceless. Before I knew it I said to her, "you got to be kidding me. You cant stand there and tell me you think it is okay for your minor children to smoke pot." And she looked dead at me and said she would be fine with it. So I left it at that. A few weeks later, DEA went into their home and caught a bunch of kids in the living room puffing away. But miracles of miracles--nothing ever came of it. I don't know how that happened.

I have more stories to tell. But this post is going to get awful long and rambling. I want to post some photos also of the park. Maybe I will, I haven't decided yet. But I will be posting some more stories. The weekend may bring some--you never know.


Denise said...

Yay! Love me some trailer park stories. Umgross on the arm pit hair. That poor baby. But what's worse is that someone slept with the bearded lady while she was dirty gross just gross.

Lynnbug said...

ROFL! Yes someone slept with her and believe me--he is weird.