Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things may be coming together

Finally after a whole lot of unnecessary hoopla things may be coming together on the move. This has been a lot harder than it should have been. The previous tenants left an outstanding water bill and electric bill. Most of the time transferring lights and water is as easy as a phone call. Not in this case. The lights took me going down to the power company showing a lease and an I.D. So I did that and thought everything would be fine. Well, that is what I get for thinking. The lady at the power company said an inspection would have to be done since it had been empty for so long and since at one time it was considered a commercial property. Zoning laws and building codes would be looked at. Great. That could take some time plus the building is over 25 years old. I certainly isn't up to current codes. I was telling my boss about it, or rather I was nearly having a nervous breakdown. You know, wringing my hands, pulling my hair and whimpering. (I get like this anytime things seem too difficult.) He put in a call to the landlord and he made a phone call to someone he knows at the power company and all the sudden everything is taken care of. I guess it is all about who you know. Cuz I don't know anyone at the power company and I was getting jerked around. He does know someone and he has absolutely no problem. I am just glad the lights are on.

The water bill wasn't as bad. The tenants left a water bill and in the county I live in that has to be paid no matter what or the water does not get turned back on. They don't care who pays it, so long as it is paid. It was $62.00 that needed to be paid and the landlord took care of that also.

So now I have the utilities I need. When the lights went on I realized that there is a lot more cleaning of cobwebs that needs to be done before I can move in. This weekend will require a lot of cleaning before I can move in. But I dont think it will be god awful bad.

I am starting to think of it as home now. I am physically at the trailer park but my heart isn't there. I have started to feel like a visitor there. I guess that means it is definitely time for me to go.

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Denise said...

yay i am so glad that it all coming together.