Friday, April 25, 2008

More neighbors

Last night when I got home everyone was standing outside. By that I mean most all neightbors, the landlord and all the kids. But it was amazingly quiet. The Landlord S. came over to my car and told me that 2 families had been busted and one of them had the kids taken away. Wow!

One of the neighbors is a friend of mine that lives in 24. They smoke weed and I have no knowledge of anything else. I want to clarify now that I do not smoke weed but in the past many of my friends have. I dont care for it and as I have said before, most everyone in this park is poor and I dont see how they can justify smoking weed or even drinking alcohol when they cant pay their bills. My friend in 24 lost her job a while back and doesnt have any money coming in except child support. She has a roommate that does not work very much.

Anyway, getting back to the story--my friend in 24 is the one S. said got her kid taken. All I couild think of was how scared poor little C. probably was. He is the sweetest boy and very well mannered. I like the kid a lot.

I walk up to 24 and she is crying and crying. Her roommate looks like the world has come to an end. This is how it all went down:

Early in the morning someone was pulled over coming out of the park. I mean around 5:00 am.
Allegedly they found drugs on him.
Later that day out of the blue DEA, the Sheriff, the Chief of police and DHR (Child Protective Services) stormed number 8. Word has it whoever got pulled over ratted them all out. LOL
It was just like in the movies. All the cops running out of their cars screaming:

"Go! Go! Go! Get Down! Now! Get Down!" "On the Ground!"

Yeah--that kind of thing--bullet proof vests and everything.

They ransack the trailer--put holes in the wall and everything. Kid in the baby bed crying. DHR is going to take the baby--but they decide to call the mother at work and she is allowed to come get the baby as long as she brings her mother with her and is not left alone with the baby. Hubby and friend arrested. Must have been a small quantity of weed because both of their bonds were like $100.00.

The cops went on to raid 24. My friends house. Same deal--except her kid was in school. Search her entire house, tear it apart. Threatened to shoot her dog that was barking at them. He is an ankle biter. Small dog in other words. Found no drugs but did find a weed pipe. Great. Just great.

(I mean how stupid can you be to have that in your house? You are watching the neighbors get busted and you dont go get rid of your shit? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Even stupider to have it around your kid. Just STUPID.)

Meanwhile--all this is going on and the school bus runs. C. is home from school. They are going to take him to foster care. Somehow, someway they talk the lady from DHR into letting C stay with 18. She went in and inspected the home and saw that the level of roaches and dirty dishes and general filth was acceptable. C. has no idea why he gets to sleep over and is confused. His mother always keeps him home on school nights and he is in bed by 9:00. So-I know he is thinking WTF?

No arrests were made at 24. Her roommate claimed the pipe. He is to turn himself in Monday and sign his own bond? WTF? All this hoopla and that is it? I couldnt believe it. They came down on them like they were big time dealers and found out they are small time smokers. Small time smokers that also were out of weed.

She has to go today and find out if she can get her kid back. I hope so. But I also hope this is a major wake up call. I mean--she could lose her kid over this. I have thought this many times once I found out she smokes weed. I dont approve of it because I am sure C. is aware of it. he is old enough to know what it is.

After all this, they didnt even search the trailer that is the true crack den, number 21. Every night all night doing that stuff. It is common knowledge. A couple neighbors were going to the store with me one day and 21 wanted to ride. I know of his high drug use and the fact that he stays in trouble all the time and refused to let him ride. Sorry--he is just too far gone and they lost their kids a month ago. Who knows what he might have on him and I dont plan to risk anything. I want no part of this guy. This is a fact. Anyway--I dont know how they slipped through the loop on yesterdays raids. I guess whoever "ratted" on 8 and 24 failed to mention 21.

Oh--and I forgot to mention that 3 car stereos have been stolen, the maintenance shed and number 35 were broken into. They even cleaned out 35's refrigerator. This has all happened within the last week. 21 is suspected.

All this time I am hearing all this I am torn --- I want to hear the gossip cuz this is pretty good stuff. But it is also the night Grey's Anatomy comes back. In the end I opt for Grey's Anatomy. To hell with that other shit.


Denise said...

This is some good shit Lynn.But i am glad that you are getting out of there. I worry about you.

Lynnbug said...

My mom worries too. But I really havent ever had any problems. I try to mostly keep to myself. But my own curiosity keeps me up on all the stuff. You know how it is.

Denise said...

Are you kidding me?
You are talking to Mrs Kravitz right here.