Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lucy is Spayed!

Yep--the cat is spayed. I am so happy--she, not so much right now. She will be great when she heals though. She can thank me later.

I hooked up with this program at the Humane Society called Quick Fix. She got spayed and a rabies shot and pain medication all for $27.00. That my friends is a deal.

I had to drop her off at 6:00 in the morning on Tuesday. Then they transport her to Montgomery which is about 60 miles from where I live. That is where the deed is done. Then they bring her back. They pick up several cats and dogs at once. That makes sense.

But I almost lost it with this stupid man dropping his dog off. I was there first and we had put Lucy in the little travel cage. She was not happy. She is not into car rides or the outside or cages. All three of these things had really started her day off bad.

This man comes up while I am talking to the lady and signing paper work. He has his pit bull dog on a leash and he just interrupts me and starts in with the lady. Im like WTF? Can you wait your turn? I didnt say it outloud but I wanted to. His dog starts sniffing all around Lucy's cage and she is hissing and growling and spitting and all around having a nervous breakdown.

I had to tell the guy to get his dang dog back. He laughed! I mean he really thought this was funny. I was not amused, the lady was beginning to look frazzled and my cat was almost ready to have a seizure from the fright of it all. The man finally realized I was capable of punching himout over my cat. He got the dog back finally.

Anyway, I left her and everything went fine. They even called me when she got out of surgery and let me know she was okay. I went to pick her up at 4:00. This time I was careful to keep Lucy away from the pit bull dog and its owner.

She was still really out of it. And she still was not happy. The cage was on the ground and my fat ass had to sit down to get her out. Then I had to figure out how to get up off the ground and not lose a cat that clearly was struggling to run away as fast as she could wherever she can go. Even though that would be a big mistake and she wouldnt realize it until it was too late.

Lucy stayed out of it for the evening but now she is fine. Her incision has stitches that dissolve themselves so unless something happens they dont have to see her again.

The funny thing is the lady said "Did you know she was in heat?" I'm like "Yeah, I am painfully aware of that." I mean this has been going on since December.

I am glad its over. I get my sweet baby back.


Denise said...

You should have crotch punched that guy Lynn.

Lynnbug said...

He was just a dumb red neck.