Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Move is Done

It's over. I am moved and I lived through it. Most importantly my friends, family and pets lived through it. And it was amazing! I say that because everything went just how I wanted it too. I love it when that happens.

I spend the night at My niece's because I wanted to make sure they got up and at it early. I didnt want any mid-day dragging around. Well it wasnt a problem. Ken got up before I did. Nobody ever is able to to that.

We were on the road by 9:00. Ken and his friend in the truck pulling a trailer and me and Amber and the twins in my car. (Yes we had to take the kids for lack of a babysitter.) It is an hour drive from their house to the trailer park. We got there and Ken and his friend had everything loaded with 20 minutes! I was amazed. Amazed I tell you. Of course it didnt hurt that for the past 3 weeks everyone knows whatever I could stuff inthe car had already been moved. They basically had the big heavy furniture and that helped them a lot. One load. One trip. Amazing!

So we loaded the twins, my dog of 50lbs and the cat in the car. This is when it got a little rough. I drive a Stratus so we were stuffed in pretty tight. About five miles down the road I discovered poor Lucky gets car sick. Yep. She hurled in the floor of the car. So we had to pull over and get that up so it wouldnt get on the babies. She was pitiful. She put her head between the seats so she could rest it on my arm. The about 5 more miles she hurled again. Down my arm. Yep--grossing me out. So we did the pull over again and got that up. Amber decided to get in the truck with her hubby and we put Lucky in the front. Again, to keep her from possibly hurling on the babies.

Then on down the road I discovered the cat gets car sick too. But she only hurled once.

Poor Lucky hurled about 4 times in all. She was pretty sick and I felt really sorry for her. Amber did not feel bad for her at all. After all she is just a dog and the dog should know better. I dont how she figures that.

We got to the apartment and they moved me in very fast. About 20 minutes. It's done!!! I am so happy. I have been piddling around putting things in their place and it really looks good now. When I get good and done I will post photos.

Bye Bye trailer park. You had your drawbacks but all in all you provided a place for me to live for a very cheap price. I got entertained when I wanted to and even when I didnt want to. Thank you for that. But I am still glad I am gone.

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Denise said...

Yeah so glad that you are finally moved. Now break out the insense and put your good karma all over the place.