Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother's Day

It's this Sunday. I am excited about it for the first time in years. I am going to pick Mother up early that morning to bring her to my house for a week. She is so excited she has already packed. Mother is 82 years old and in wonderful shape. At the same time her age scares me. I know that at that age anything can happen at anytime and I also know that my time is getting short with her.

I used to not feel that way. It took a long time for Mother and me to become close. I think it is because we are so much alike. And that is not always a good thing. We are both controlling and neurotic. We always think we are not loved as much as we should be. And we worry about everything. And we always fought for Daddy's attention when he was alive.

But I am really looking forward to spending this time with her. We havent spent this much time together in many, many years. I want it to be special for her. She recently had her feelings hurt a little by my younger sister. It revolves around the twins who are her great grandchildren. My sister had them for a week. She lives like 15 minutes from Mother. Since the twins live 2 hours away and Mother no longer drives, she has to rely on other people to get to places and to visit family. My sister allowed her about 2 hours with the babies. She was hurt really bad about it.
But since I live near the twins now she is going to get to see them all she wants. Most likely she will spend one night over at their house. Even though I am excited for this week with her it will be good to get a break. You know. To make sure we dont get on each others nerves and ruin what is supposed to be a lovely time.

After I pick Mother up we are going to go out to eat. I want to take her somewhere nice and there is a place called The Fishmarket. She wants to go there. It has really good seafood. Not too pricey either.

I also discovered this Winery down the road from my house. They have free tours and wine tasting. They specialize in Muscadine wine. If you dont know what that is - it is a wild grape. I remember when I was little we would go out in the woods and pick them. What we didnt eat we would take home and Daddy would make wine from it. I think Mother would love to do this. I know I would. So I want to fit that in our little week also.

So my Mother is getting a whole week of Mothers Day. Now mind you she is making homemade tea cakes to bring with her. I love them. She is also going by the vegetable market and getting tomatoes and squash. When she gets here she wants to go buy me some flowers.
So I am going to benefit greatly from Mother. She is really a good mother and I hate that for years I didnt see it. It was such wasted time.


Denise said...

Aww Lynn, Thats awesome!I wish I wanted to hang with my mom like that.

Linda said...

Good for you, Lynn! While I have the same kind of realtionship with my daughter, I didn't with my own Mom. Have a great day!!!