Saturday, May 10, 2008


I pulled a Denise - kind of. Like when she was talking to the guy she thought she new but she didnt?? This is a little different but still kinda crazy. I went to Wal-mart yesterday. This particular Wal-mart had some buggies pulled to the front of the clothing department. Each buggy was filled with different bargains. Shirts, belts, purses, etc. I glanced accross and made a mental note to stop by on my way back through the store.

And then I saw the last buggy in the row. It was filled with lots of different stuff and on top was this really nice picture frame that would hold about multiple pictures. It was pretty. And it was a dark wood. Just what I had been looking for. Somebody will get that before I come back through. I couldnt chance it. I HAD to have it.

So I whipped my buggy around and went straight up and grabbed the picture frame. It was perfect! What was the price? I turned it over and couldnt find one. I was just so happy I almost didnt care about the price cause I knew it was a mark down if it was in this buggy. And then I asked the lady beside me if she had a clue of the price. "It's mine" she said. And she looked kinda irritated. I looked a little closer at the buggy and realized that it belonged to this lady and I had invaded her buggy! She grabbed her buggy and pulled it close to her body as if to protect it. Perhaps that was a good idea.

I apologized and replaced the frame. I explained I thought this was one of the sale buggies. Hell, there were about six lined up and hers was in perfect line with the others. Honest mistake, right? Except her buggy had food items and cleaning items. And when you looked closer her purse was in there. Still, I think it was an honest mistake.

She didnt look any happier with me. She thought I was a nut. I turned and walked slowly away babbling the whole time about how I'm crazy. At least she didnt call store security.


Linda said...

So, #1 question--did you find the frame elsewhere and buy it?
I have so done this very same thing! And people that don't think it's funny (cause it is) can kiss my ass!! She should have thought you were fun, not a nutjob. I so would have just laughed with you, and taken you to the spot to get your own.

Denise said...

Well at least you didn't try to make off with her cart lol. I love how you call it a buggy!

Lynnbug said...

I was so rattled I didnt even try to find the frame but I am going back to look for it!

Denise--down south we call them buggies!! Also a water hose is called a hose pipe and a fly swatter is a fly flap. LOL

Denise said...

what do you call wallets and purses? Are they pocket books?
Hose pipe? Fly flap>? lol

Lynnbug said...

Yes we call them pocket books! But mostly the older generation does that. Wallets are billfolds. LOL