Thursday, May 1, 2008

Road Trip

Today my boss sent me on a simple errand. He had bought two front tires from a place in C. It is about 20 miles from work. He said that the car shook when you got about 50 mph and he wanted them to check the tires out and fix it.

I was so happy! Yea! Road trip. I get to get out of the office for a little while! I love it when that happens.

When I got to the place he bought the tires I realized this may not be as much fun as I thought. It was a hole in the wall and the sign was painted on the cinder block bldg read simply "Tires". No name. Two guys working there. When I got out of the car I almost tripped and fell on my face on a jack. I dont know how I missed that. I went up to the guy working and explained the problem. There were two customers in front of me and they were in the middle of putting their tires on. I was told it would be just a minute and he would check things out. Great I am thinking. I am next and they are almost through with the two in front of me. He showed me politely to a bench out in front of the building and invited me to sit a while. It is a little on the cool side today and very windy. But it would just be a minute. There didnt appear to be an office to this place so I figure the bench was the only lobby there was. I sat.

Now I got there at 9:00 am. One hour later he finally got to my car. He drove it and came back. He said some crap about a motor support was obviously bad. This was more than likely the problem. I discussed it with him and asked him to check the balance on the tires and make sure there werent any knots in the tires anyway. Just to be on the safe side. He said he would.

Thirty minutes later he gets around to taking the tires off. He goes into the shop with the tires and no less than 1 hour later he brings them back out. He has been balancing the tires all this time. Supposedly the hole in the wheels is not "true" and they were extremely hard to balance.
Now I have balanced tires myself (yes, I have) and this is not that hard. In fact it is very easy or I couldnt do it. One of my many ex's showed me how a long time ago. I know he wasnt doing that the whole time he was back there. He couldnt have been. I had begun to wonder if he had stomach problems or something and couldnt stay out of the bathroom.

Finally the guy working with him just kind of took over and put the tires back on. This is because when he brought them back to car he just laid them down and was scratching his head trying to figure out which tire went on which side. I dont think it matters. I may be wrong but I dont think I am.

After the tires were back on I am thinking I can go. NO! I am not going to be that lucky. He wants to drive the car again. I decide to ride along. I figure that may be a good idea since my confidence level is dropping fast. I am very aggravated about the time this has taken and the bench I have been on is uncomfortable. Not to mention the wind.

The whole way he is pointing out everything wrong with the car. He wants to show me how it jerks and why he thinks a motor support is bad. So he speeds up very fast and then slams on the brakes. I almost hit the windshield. "Did you feel that jerk?" he said. Uh--yeah--I felt it. You dumb ass I wanted to say. Of course the fucking truck jerks when you do that!

The he goes on to tell me in a very knowledgeable way that the road is causing some of the shaking. He goes on and on about the difference in this side of the road and that side. He even drives in different lanes to show me the difference. Okay. He is too chatty. He needs to shut up. That is what I am thinking with a smile pasted on my face.

Finally we get back. It is 12:30 by now. It is over - the deed is done. The road trip wasnt much fun at all. It made my eye twitch. Such a simple task that turned into an ordeal. It just took so long and it shouldnt have. The guy was an idiot. I am tired and ill and hungry.

So that is how my happy little road trip turned sour.

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Denise said...

Lynn, That sucks ass.
I hate when you look forward to something and it turns to shit. Hugs girlie.
Oh and when you get a chance make sure you send me your new address and phone number.