Friday, May 30, 2008

Nothing To Do

Well it's summer time. It is already hot here where I live. It is going to be 90 all weekend. That wouldnt be so bad but the humidty is terrible. Summer in Alabama is tuff.

The worst thing for me right now is all my tv shows have had their season finale. I hate when that happens. There doesnt seem to be anything on worth my time right now. For a tv fanatic that is a very bad thing.

I am trying to decide what I will watch. The Batchlorette is on. I may watch that but even though I felt sorry for that chick when she was let down so hard on the Batchelor, I cant hardly stand to watch her. She blinks all the time. I mean ALL THE TIME. It is very distracting.

There are lots of reality shows but none of them catch my eye. That show The Moment of Truth is so brutal. I feel dirty after I watch it. Those people will reveal anything for money. And their poor families are devestated at the end. And the audience just claps. It is strange. I think it should be called How to Get a Divorce. Because I think it has caused some big ones.

And my favorite soap is sucking ass big time right now. General Hospital. It just gets more stupid as time goes on. I hate almost every storyline they have right now. I was interested in Monica and her rehab journey but they just sent her off and we havent heard from her since. I guess they will just bring her back all healed and we will miss the good stuff they could have focused on. A great opportunity to give a great actress some really good air time and they blew it.

The only good going right now is NASCAR. I simply love racing. I just wish my man Tony Stewart would win one really soon.

Nothing much else going on. I warned everyone sometimes my life is boring. This is one of those times. But boring can be a good thing. It could be hectic and I would be stressed. This weekend may change that and if it does I will be sure to blog about it.


Denise said...

Lynn, check your email.

Denise said...

can you believ after my life long commitment to gh that I finally gave it up? Yep about three months ago.