Monday, June 2, 2008

Nice Times

I have no complaints today. I had a good weekend. Jeff came for the weekend and best of all I got to babysit the twins Saturday night. I love spending time with them. They are so much fun. Dont get me wrong I couldnt take them full time but for a night it is wonderful. We play and play. This time Kenzie was especially great. She was in a I love you mood. She would be playing or eating and she would just stop and lay a huge wet one on me. It would end with I love you.

They also love to jump. On everything. I went back to their room to make sure they hadnt torn the walls down. They were being very rowdy. Kenzie told me to "way down" and patted the bed. So of course I did. This led up to them getting on the desk beside the bed and trying to jump from that over me onto the bed. I know this could be dangerous but I made sure they did it safely. To them, jumping over me was the funniest thing! This went on for about 30 minutes. Man--we screamed and laughed and had a great time. Kenzie's loving was very sweet--she would kiss me and say I love you mama, then kiss me again, I love you Daddy, and again, I love you Aunt Lynn and she went all through grandpa's and nanna's, then proudly said Thank you ma'am when she was done.

Jeff was busy watching a movie on Ken's new TV. A 65 inch TV. Now this is a HUGE TV for the house they live in. A mobile home. I walked in and took one look at that TV and felt like I was standing inside of it. I get motion sick really easy and couldnt watch it. I told Amber I felt like I was wrapped up in the TV. And everytime somebody moved I thought I was going to fall off the couch. I would have to take a large dose of Dramamine to watch it. I aint kidding. But Jeff loved it.

I got the kids to bed around 9:00 pm. Once you put nite nite clothes on they go right to bed. They always have. Which is a good thing. No tears, no fighting it out with them. In fact they have been known to go on their own if you dont take them first. That is about all they do easy.

Sunday we watched the races and cooked out. I wont dwell on the races--hugely dissappointing again this week. My man Tony got wrecked out in a huge pile up out of turn two on lap 16. But the food we cooked was great. A Boston butt with potatoes, carrots and onion all around it. Lots of good seasoning. We cooked it on the grill in a pan for about 4 hours. We also had some baked beans. It doesnt get any better than that folks.

In between all this I watched 2 movies that have been out for a long time. I am embarrassed to say that I have never watched these. They were Evan Almighty and 40 Year Old Virgin. They were hilarious! I loved them both and I couldnt tell you why it has taken so long for me to see them. Oh and I watched part of an Eddie Murphy movie called Norbet. It was good too but I liked Evan and 40 Year Old Virgin better.

Even though the weekend was good I was glad it was over. Glad to get Jeff back to his treatment. It gets old for me having someone around 24/7. So it was time for him to go. If he gets into the permanent place this week he wont be able to leave it for 30 days. So this was the last weekend for a long time. We believe he will get in this week.

So today is Monday. A six day work week. I am still deciding on the extra day off but I am leaning towards being off rather than pay. Linda is right about that. Unless something major and unforseen comes up, I will be off the extra day.

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Linda said...

Good for you, Lynn! I am so glad that you had a nice weekend.
The kids jumping cracked me up!! Gabe and Ella do that off the back of the couch all the time. They do butt flops on to the cushion and I just have to be certain that I get out of the way first! Then they jump on my bed because they can watch themselves in the mirrors on the closet doors. They have so much energy to burn that I just let them get it out as long as it's not dangerous!
I know what you mean about those big ass tv's. I don't know how people can watch them!
40 year old virgin is a hoot! I just watched it again a week or so ago. I love the part where he's trying to get into watching porn, and it ain't working for him. Geez!