Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Today I am exhausted. There is still about 1 1/2 hours until I get off work and I cant wait. I think I will go straight to bed. Most work days are pretty easy on me. In fact they are usually a breeze. I come in and do about an hour of actual work and the rest of the day is spent blogging, reading blogs, message boards, watching TV and just a whole lot of nothing. I have it made.

Today is different and tomorrow and Saturday will be more of the same. We are having a garage sale. A garage sale to beat all garage sales. My boss has a HUGE room FULL of stuff. Bags and Bags of clothes. Dishes. Lawnmowers. Furniture. You name it we got it and a lot of it.

You cant walk in this place. She has been bringing stuff for a year into this building. The building is the top side of my apartment. I have never seen so much stuff. One lady came in and asked if I was sure there werent any snakes in there.

My day started at 7:00 and went like this:

1. Go upstairs and start moving stuff outside. By myself. And hour into my bossman comes over and starts telling how to do it better and what I should do and why I shouldnt move the heavy stuff outside. He is doing nothing but giving his wonderful advice. And all the while asking when I was going to put the signs out letting people know I was having a garage sale. I told him to put them out. He let me know he wasnt the one doing it. (This was his idea).

2. Start selling stuff. The heat is around 90 degrees and I am on pavement. There is still stuff inside and I have to send people in there and work the parking lot and the inside.

3. I am sweating and dealing with cheap people. I mean a lady was holding a $20.00 blouse with the tags still on it. How much she says? I say 2 bucks. She said how about 1 buck? I say no, because you see it is brand new. Hump. It wont fit probably anyway se says. And she throws it down. I am on pavement, I am sweating, my feet hurt and she is trying to beat me down. I want to strangle her.

4. Later on I notice one of my beloved tomato plants is no longer tied up and is almost laying down. I go to tie it up. It is on a post that supports my covered walkway. All the sudden I am being attacked by red bees. They look like hornets. My hands are stung. I have to run to get away. They are actually swarming at me and it is pretty scary. It is still 90 degrees and I am still sweating and now my hand is hurting BAD.

5. After this all settles down I go to look where the damned bastard bees came from. See I have already killed 2 nests under that walkway. Well the bastards have built another one. They are industrious to say the least and they do not like to be disturbed. I will kill them this weekend.

6. Then comes the time to move everything back into the building for the evening. Tomorrow I will move it back out again and we will start all over.

Now at one point there are 3 customers wanting to buy and look at cars. There were garage sale customers. My boss is standing in the parking lot freaking out because he cant show all the cars and wants me to help. I have garage sale customers. This was his idea. I want to kill him if only for that moment.

The day was hectic and long and hot. I dread tomorrow. I hate the bees, wasps, hornets whatever they are. I also need to mention that I got sunburned. And I had a shirt with short sleeves on and now I have a farmers tan. Not attractive.

Maybe it will rain tomorrow. But it isnt likely.


Linda said...

Man, don't you hate it when you can't just sit at work and do what you want? I hate to work at work!! HA HA
Geez, do they pay you more for physical labor? Cause they sure should. Damn, heat, bees and crazy garage sale people (I once sold a pair of black high heels to a man that tried them on, and then wore them out!!) Best $1.00 he ever spent, I'm figuring. Hope you get some rest/respite from the heat!!

Lynnbug said...

I moved the garage sale inside the building and turned on the AC. To hell with the heat.