Monday, June 23, 2008

My Beloved Tomato Plants

I mentioned that I have tomatoe plants in an earlier post. Actually I have 21 tomato plants. They range in sizes because they were all planted at different times. And I planted them all from seed, which is not easy. If I had used actual plants to start with I would most likely have ripe tomatoes by now. When I started the seeds I had no idea I would get so many plants. My boss has about 20 of these plants and she has given about 20 away. So that means a total of around 60 plants have been born by seed.

I had one bell pepper plant. I got this plant just because I think they make really nice looking green plants. This is my bell pepper plant:

The baby tomatoe plants below are very young. They have a long way to go. There is one larger plant to the left that is starting to get blooms. Tomatoes should follow those very soon.

These two plants are on my patio--The one on the left is a Roma tomato. I forgot to mention that the babies above are Roma tomatoes also. I have those babies above at my office next door.
The tomato on the right I grew from seed. Just FYI--the packet of seed I started these plants from say you can get a bushel of tomatoes from one plant. I am really skeptical of that. If I do get that many I will have to get Mother up to do some canning!

This baby below is the one the bastard bees got after me over.

If you look really close you can see a tiny green tomato on these vines. Bossman laughed at me for taking the picture of the baby tomato. I will have that one to eat hopefully soon.

The baby tomato belong to these plants below. There are about 6 tomato plants in this spot. I think they are planted too close but bossman says to leave them alone. So I will.

I will post pics of ripe tomatoes if it ever happens. But I love my plants - I take care of them all the time. It is amazing how attached I have gotten. This is the first year I have tried to grow tomatoes. So I am excited. I LOVE tomatoes. I can eat them like an apple.
Because I have so m any different sizes of plants--I should have them ripening up until November. It will still be warm enough even then. Gotta love Alabama weather.


Linda said...

Wow! Good job on the tomatoes! I've never grown vegetables, but I work like a true farmer planting and nurturing flowers. I hope you get a buttload of tomatoes! (my dad used to eat them like an apple too, or sometimes sliced with sugar on them which gives them a totally different taste)

Lynnbug said...

I have never eaten them with Sugar! I must try that sometimes--I am going to post somephotos of my flowers soon. But I have only pots this year and not near as many as I would like. I love messing in the garden.