Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taking a Squat

Has anyone noticed that as they get older the simplest things become either really hard or just plain impossible? I have.

For awhile now I have become aware that I can no longer squat. If I have to pick something up I just bend over and kinda half bend my knees to get what I am reaching for. Working on something that is on the ground requires actually sitting down and doing what I need to do. Getting up means I have to roll over on my stomach and put my hands on the ground in front of me and then working my feet up towards my hands until I am then in the bend over position and then I can stand up. This is also a balancing act. Not a pretty site and I never do it in front of anybody except my dog and cat.

I was working on my tomatoe plants the other day and I couldnt really bend over far enough to do what I needed to do. I was trying to tie them up on stakes. I was in my work clothes and I really didnt want to get on the ground and get my butt dirty. So using the shovel to hold onto I squatted. It was very painful and then I realized not only was I not going to be able to get up I was not going to be able to maintain that position. So I fell back on my ass. Not pretty. There has to be a better way and it is ridiculas that I cant squat anymore. Just a couple years ago it was no problem.

So what to do? I gave it a lot of thought. I have to exercise and build up the strength in my legs and knees again. No matter how bad it hurts.

I have started by holding onto a door frame. Whatever I hold on to has to be steady and sturdy. I figure I cant pull down an entire wall, so I choose the door frame. It works very well. For the last three days I have squatted religiously. I can squat 5 times before I give completely out. FIVE times! That is it. And my legs feel like I have been beat with a stick.

This is terrible that I have gotten so out of shape. What if something terrible happens like someone breaks in my house and I need to run? I cant! I would be dead and all that would be left of me after the coroner came would be a yellow outline on the floor.

So, I am going to continue the squat program. By the end of the week I want to be up to 10 squats. Eventually the goal is to squat without holding onto anything.

Just thought I would share the squat problem.


Linda said...

Okay...YES I have noticed!! I can't squat because I have bad right knee (that i refuse to have fixed)I always have a bad back, and arthritis in my tail bone from a previous break. It sucks to get old. I know that I could exercise but I'd just rather have a drink and another cigarette!!

Lynnbug said...

Yeah--I hear ya! Especially the cigarette!