Friday, June 13, 2008

Dear Daddy

Hey! How is it going! I wanted to wish you Happy Father's Day! You were absolutely the best father I could have ever had. You always tried to teach me the right way to go. When I messed up you helped me fix it. And I messed up a lot. How did you ever put up with me? I always knew when I messed up I would get a lecture. The lecture never bothered me as much as dissappointing you. You never did tell me you were dissappointed. You had such patience and love in your heart for me.

You always wanted me to know how proud you were of me. I remember you telling me before you died that you had to know I would be okay when you were gone. You wouldnt be there to pick me up when I fell anymore. I told you then I would be fine. Even though you are gone, the things you have taught me have always pulled me through and helped me find my way. You are still a big influence in my life.

Because of you I am a strong woman. I still make mistakes, but I make it through with none of the real calamities from my teens and young adulthood. I am honest and loyal. I love our family more today than ever.

I miss you a lot and often think of you and wish you were here. Just to sit and talk and laugh. Do you remember Sunday afternoons watching old westerns. Bonanza, Rawhide a nd Gunsmoke? You loved them all so much and I loved watching them with you.

You loved the beach so much. Im sorry that you didnt get to take that final trip to Florida that you wanted to go on so bad. Everytime I go to the beach I think about you. It was always fun to go with you. You had so much fun and made sure we all had fun too.

I love you Daddy. And I know I will see you again. But until then you are always in my heart.


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Linda said...

Oh Lynn, what a wonderful letter to what sounds like a very wonderful man. How lucky were the two of you to have each other? Happy Fathers Day to Lynn's Daddy!