Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, another weekend has passed me by and its time for an update. As usual this weekend did not go as I had planned. I wanted to go to the Alabaster CityFest on Saturday night. It is free and it is this huge party with bands. Sister Hazel and Tracy Lawrence was playing. They also have lots of food vendors with what I call "fair food." You know, the stuff you get at fairs that has been cooking all day? The yummy stuff. I love fair food.

During the week the plan was that my niece and her husband and me and Jeff would go. Did that happen? Nooooooo. It sure did not.

Amber got sick and didnt want to go. Okay--fine, I understand. I could see my plans slipping through my fingers once she decided not to go. Jeff wasnt big on it in the first place. Well, the plans changed and here is what actually took place.

Jeff got a call from his mothers ex who is down in Mississippi working rebuilding houses from Katrina. Jeff had left him down there 2 years ago when he lost his job because of drugs. Anyway, looks like he had Jeff a job and between the ex and his mother, they talked him into dumping his rehab plans and going down there. The ex sent Jeff a bus ticket.

To make a long story short, he is now in Mississippi. Hopefully he will do fine, but if he doesnt he can always start over if he lives through it. I didnt even try to stop him. In fact, once he made the decision I couldnt wait to get him to the bus station. I was pretty much done and changing gears on my plans for the summer. I move on quick now. No time to waste. I also had a TV show that I wanted to see at 9:00 and getting back home for it became a priority. (USA was running a Law and Order marathon, cant miss that.)

I am not mad at him. I just wish he could get more encouragement from his family to take care of his drug problem. His mother doesnt get the addiction concept. Probably because she is in the middle of her own addiction. And Jeff stayed in rehab classes just long enough to realize he was definately an addict. I told him though, if it doesnt work you now know the way to get help.

I kissed him bye and told him to take care of himself. He called when he got there and Im sure I will hear from him from time to time. I always do.

So instead of having wonderful pictures of Tracy Lawrence-I got nothing that was any fun. But I got some free time on my hands now. I can rest and get rid of the stress and I think next weekend I will find the nearest swimming hole and take my fat ass to it with a good book and plenty of sunscreen.

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