Friday, July 11, 2008

The belly button blues

So today for some reason me and my boss lady got to talking about cleaning your belly button. It all started when I mentioned the fact that one of the people I went to see in Mississippi has extremely poor hygeine.

At one point during my weekend, I was sitting down and he was standing in front of me shirtless. I noticed a lifetime of grout in his belly button. (This was not Jeff--he baths twice a day.) It was pretty gross and only I would actually notice whether a belly button was clean or not.

My bosslady said it makes her want to throw up to clean her belly button. She has to lay down in the tub covered in water to get the job done. Otherwise, it does some type of tickle thing to her that makes her want to puke. Weird, I know.

Even weirder is the fact that my belly button is really deep. I can stick a q-tip in it and it literally goes almost all the way in. To make matters worse, because my belly button has been scoped during surgery twice, I have this little air pocket under some scar tissue. This requires me to really roll that q-tip around up under that scare tissue. Otherwise the moisture from my bath will sour and my belly button will smell.

If I get any fatter, my belly button will get deeper and I will have to use one of those glass cleaners that have a long handle and a sponge on the end to clean my belly button.


Linda said...

OMG!! I guess I have a shallow belly button or something cause it is self cleaning (trust me, I just looked). I thought that only men needed to do that job cause of the hairiness and all..Learn something new every day whether you want to or not!! HA HA

Lynnbug said...

You must have a shallow belly button. The sad thing is the guy with bad hydeine has a challow belly button too. But as I mentioned-he rarely baths. And since he swan in the ocean and the Bayou this past weekend--well--that was considered a bath.

Denise said...

Ok that is the grossest thing I have heard of in a long time.I agree with Linda I have a very shallow belly button too. I never have to clean it with a q tip. I never have any issues. I also have a scar in my bb too from surgery.

Lynnbug said...

Now I know I cant be the only person who has to clean her belly button with a q-tip. Im starting to feel so alone.

Denise said...

Lol Lynn,
do a google search on belly button cleaning lol.

janet said...

omg i am your link and now maybe you wont get rid of me..lmao the belly button post, laughed so hard and i do clean my bellybutton with a q there anyother way?? lmao....i love that denise is posting here too!!!!!!
oh by the way, its janet..lmao

Lynnbug said...

Janet Im so glad to see you and that you are LMAO at me! And I am glad to know that you have to clean your belly button with a q-tip! So at least Im not the only one! LOL

And I would never run you off! Please keep coming!