Sunday, July 13, 2008

Let the multi tasking begin

I usually dont blog on Sunday because I am not around a computer. But I am at WORK. Since we opened the veggi/fruit stand we decided Sunday was a good day to be open. Hmmmm. So I am here.

I really hope this thing works out. The car business sucks ass right now and if something doesnt give I wont have a job. And I dont even want to begin to think about looking for another one. First of all, this job is pretty easy. Low stress, very casual environment. Not to mention I live right by where I work. So no gas. I can go almost a week without cranking my car if I want to. That is like so wonderful to me.

Also, I dont have one thing that could be worn to an office. The thought of going back to work in a real office makes my stomach turn. The whole get dressed, go to work, smile when you dont want too, and continual work load that never changes just stifles the hell out of me. Count your sick days, count the vacation days and for god's sake dont go over any of them or you could be put on probation and down the road to being fired. At least that was my experience. I remember my last office job I was told if I missed one more day that year I would be fired. It was like May. I new then I was most likely doomed.

I cant take that kind of pressure. I dont really miss work that much. But with diabetes and depression anything can happen at anytime. You just never know.

So I worry right now. I am hoping things work out here. This past week I have worked really hard. We had to paint signs to let people know we were not just a used car lot. We painted about 6 large signs.

Then there was the trip to the Farmers Market to get the veggies. I had a good time there but we had to go early (like be there at 6:00 am) and then it got really hot. We bought watermelons, cantaloupes, peaches, potatos, onions, squash and a bunch of other stuff. When we got back the job of unloading and pricing all of it began.

Then there are the people that do come and want to look at cars. You got to show them also. A couple times I didnt know where to turn first. I was one tired bitch.

Next week is more of the same. I think this week we will break even. We have put some ads out but people havent really realized we are here yet. Surely when they do they will come. Isnt that what they said in The Field of Dreams? Build it and they will come.

So now we sell used cars, portable buildings, veggies/fruit and every other weekend we have the garage sale. How southern does that sound? I think we need to add some tanning beds next. What do ya'll think? LOL


Denise said...

well i am all for a casual enviorment.

Linda said...

Geeze Lynn, I totally get where you are coming from.
Casual environment is the only thing that I can handle these days.
I left my last job after 15 years of driving 20 miles each way, arriving at 9:30 am, fighting traffic. Somedays I was gone for 10 hours due to drive time.
When I took my current job, the stipulation was that I get there when I get there. Ha Ha. Denise and I have conversations every evening about what time I'm going to work the next day. "Ummm, I'll try for 10, no wait maybe 10:30," and then it will be 11:30 before I
get there. I'm calling the shots damnit! Fortunately, they need me more than I need them...and Fuckit, I am 53 years old, I raised three children by myself and I deserve to call a shot or two. The worst that can happen is that they fire me (shudder, ha ha)
and I have to find something new.

Linda said...
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Denise said...

I can vouch for what Linda said. Every night before we hang up i say what time are you going to try to go to work? Hahahah. And it is just like she says lol.She aims for 10 and it is 11:30 lol

Linda said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I think that tanning bed is such a great idea!! I prefer my fruits and vegetables with little tan lines....

Lynnbug said...

ya'll are funny! And yes Linda you do deserve a break.