Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend Update

The weekend was kinda not a weekend if you want to know the truth. I worked the entire weekend. Which I have already talked about that.

I did go out to eat with Amber and the twins. We went to a Mexican Restaurant. This is my first sit down experience in public with the kids. I found out they each have to have their own bowl of salsa and their own bowl of cheese dip. They eat mexican pretty well. The rice seems to be their favorite.

Kenzy was not on her best behaviour. I will start this off by saying that she became the child in the restaurant you dont want to sit near. She wasnt eating her food and I should have left it at that. Leaving things alone is just not my way. Not only was she not eating it, she was playing with it. She made a huge teepee looking thing out of her chips in her bowl of salsa and then started piling her quesadilla on top of it. It tumbled over of course. The table became a mess. To make a long story short I said something to her, she yelled, I said something else about maybe a little talk in the bathroom if she didnt straighten up. She answered this by throwing her fork across the table into Owen's plate and screaming NO! He never looked up and continued eating his rice like a good boy. He was totally unfazed by it all.

This went from bad to worse. Lets see: I am mean. Yeah, that is what she told me in the bathroom while I was trying to let her know she was in trouble without beating her ass. I dont hit kids, but man! She was screaming to the top of her lungs that I was mean and she wanted down and kicking and thrashing like nobody's business. I finally gave up. I was afraid somebody would think I was abusing her and call Child Protective Services and it was really too hot in the bathroom. And it was not the place for time-out.

Amber just laughed at me. She deals with this kind of shit everyday. I dont.
Kenzy stayed mad at me for an hour. I wound up feeling like I was the one being punished.

I will never again talk about people who's kids act ugly in public. Never. I see how things can go so wrong so fast. Really fast.

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