Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life sucks and then you die

Can I just say how much diabetes sucks? Yeah--I can. Diabetes sucks BIG TIME.

Night before last I woke up drenched in sweat. It looked as if someone had thrown a bucket of water on me. The bed was even wet. I was shaking so bad I could hardly walk. My blood sugar had bottomed out in my sleep. This never happened before I got on insulin. It is a wonder I woke up, but thank goodness I did. I mean, I'm sad and depressed but I aint ready to die.

I had to make my way up the dreaded spiral staircase that is in a closet in order to get to the kitchen for something to eat. I think I have described this death trap before. My sight was weird. Everything appeared smaller to me. I got to the kitchen and grabbed the box of Lucky Charms and just started pouring it into my mouth. Cereal hit my face, the floor, went everywhere. I ran out of cereal and literally thought about eating it off the floor because I didnt have anything else that would boost my sugar level.

I finally made it back downstairs and sat up for a minute. It seemed like I was having an outer body experience. I didnt check my sugar level cuz I was shaking way too bad. But I know it was low. Probably lower than it had ever been. I changed my gown and went back to bed. I couldnt believe how bad I was sweating. My hair was wet and stuck to my neck.

When this happens to me, I feel real bad even after my sugar goes back up. It is like it exhausts me. My bosslady hates that I live alone because she is afraid I will have a low blood sugar spell that I cant handle on my own. I have basically shrugged off the possibility of that happening. This incident scared me a little though. It was bad.

So, to remedy this situation I will have to keep something downstairs to eat for times like that. I think it is way too dangerous to try those stairs.

Oh--as if things arent bad enough, my refrigerator bit the dust this morning. Dead. The only thing that works is the light inside of it. Great--just great.

I need to get drunk or something.

I promise not to bitch in my next post.


Linda said...

Damn, Lynn. Please be careful. And PLEASE keep foods that will offer a quick fix by your bed. How about a can of soda (not sugar free) or hard candy or honey? I've known so many people with this disease, and it is understandably very scary when the levels aren't controlled. I am so sorry that are going through this.
As far as the refrigerator? Is it yours or the landlords? He's your boss-have him get you a new one pronto!!

Lynnbug said...

The apartment didnt come with a fridge and he gave me this one from the office--they had bought a new one. Im not that upset about it.

You are right--I used to keep hard candy, but I didnt have any episodes so I quit. So there you are! lol

Denise said...

Please be careful. Linda is right, you need candy or sweet stuff by the bed. Do I need to come and kick your ass?