Friday, August 1, 2008

Comic Relief

I have been watching Last Comic Standing. It has been a pretty good show this year. They did it a little different. Instead of bringing it down to two people is they have a top five and the winner will be decided next week. This is my favorite comic:

He had me laughing out loud last night. The clip above is from some other performance he did but it is good too. I soooo needed to laugh out loud and he did it for me. So now I hope he wins.

I didnt really enjoy all the first shows of Last Comic, but the last three shows were okay. Last night was the best one of all. At least it was for me. They had eight comedians left and were going to tell us who got voted into the final five after each comedian performed. It was a lot like American Idol. After so many vote offs you could kinda figure out who was going to get the boot. Because you KNOW they are going to bring it down to the final two, let them perform and then declare the final fifth person to go into the finals. The poor guy that came on before them to perform should have known the writing was on the wall.

My favorite reality show right now is America's Got Talent. I simply love it. It is a whole lot better than American Idol in my opinion. But then again, I am totally burned out on American Idol. I doubt I even watch American Idol this next time. But America's Got Talent has so much more going on with lots of different talent. There are quit a few people that have caught my eye but I have not chosen my favorite yet. The stories the people have will also bring tears to my eyes.

Reality shows get me through the summer with my TV. But I cannot wait for the new season to start. I miss Grey's Anatomy, ER, Deperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters. The list goes on because I am a TV freak. I also miss Law and Order. I could watch Law and Order every night. I found out USA airs new episodes of Criminal Intent on Sunday night. I was very happy about that. I hope they arent still airing them when Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters come back on. I would be torn. It would be times like this I would wish I had went ahead and got the DVR on my DirecTV.

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