Saturday, August 2, 2008

This is a good thing

Okay - I am so excited!!!! Why you may ask?

I just got approved for a checking account!!! I know--now everyone is saying big whoopity deal!

But it is a big deal. I havent had a checking account in 3 years. My credit sucks ass big time and I also owe money to another bank that I have not been able to pay. This usually means no checking acount for you loser!

Getting approved means a lot to me. I can start rebuilding my credit and paying off some old debts. It is a small step towards getting my shit together.

I have not tried to get a checking account because I didnt want to face the embarrasement of getting denied in the middle of the bank. You know--it is always so quiet in there and you are sitting accross the desk from some stiff shirt. They are eyeballing their computer screen and the nice polite person who wants to help turns into the person who just wants to be done with you when they see what a shit bag you are. I just didnt want to waste my time or theirs.

I got an e-mail from Compass Bank and it said I could get approved online. Who knew? I just kinda half heartedly filled out the online application. Killing time while I ate my breakfast. And wham! Approved! I can get a check card with my picture on it! LOL I can bank online--which means no stamps, easier and faster!

I almost feel like a person again!

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Linda said...

Congratulations, Lynn!! That must feel great.
Baby steps..