Sunday, August 3, 2008


I have planned something extremely different for me and my niece. In our area they have this thing called Sips and Strokes. This is the website:

You sign up for a class and bring something to drink. You can bring milk. You can bring soda. You can bring wine. Whatever you want to drink. They sit you down and you paint a picture. There is a different picture every class. I signed up for the "Red Funky Tree."

You dont have to know how to paint. They provide all the supplies. Everyone paints the same picture. And for $25.00 you are shown how to paint this picture and its guaranteed to look really good. Guaranteed. Then you get to take it home and hang it in a place of extreme importance.

Now I know just from the part of town this is in there will be some snotty people. But I dont care! I want to do something different and so does Amber. She said she didnt care if she was painting a pile of dog shit she wanted to do it just to get out of the house! I feel the same way.

So I thought we would belly up to the paint board with a six pack of Bud and go for it.
Our first class is August 25 at 7:00 pm. The socialites wont know what hit them. But I plan to have me some fun!


Linda said...

Oh man, that sounds like fun!!! Good for you for finding something different and potentially riotous to do. I hope it's a blast!
I'd be bringing my sippy cup full of rum and coke....

Lynnbug said...

I hope it is fun! Im willing to give it a try.