Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Deer Lucky

This morning about 1:00 am I was jerked awake by Lucky barking and growling like a mad dog. She never barks unless something is outside that she doesnt feel should be outside. From the sounds of the barks I knew she was standing at the door. And she was really mad.

This is the door that looks out onto my patio and the woods are right outside. You cant see my door at this part of the apartment and you have to know its there if you want to come into it. Or you have to be wandering around and snooping. So I was very scared.

WTF? What in the world could have been upsetting her so much? Well, since Iam writing this you know it wasnt bad. It was really quite beautiful. Three beautiful fully grown, very large deer. They were grazing right at the end of my patio.

I would have taken a picture but I couldnt find the camera and if I opened the door they would have ran off anyway. But I stood there watching them for a long time. They would eat a little and look towards the door for a while and then eat and walk really slowly all around my car and the patio. They could hear Lucky but it didnt seem to bother them at all.

I have never seen deer that close up before. I just stood there and watched them for about 30 minutes. Finally they wandered into the woods. Lucky never did like the fact that they were out there. She must have thought they were some awfully big dogs or something. She wanted to kill them.

I just watched and enjoyed the sight. It was awesome!

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