Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

My birthday is this month. I will be 48 years old. Notice I have already updated my profile to reflect 48 years of age. It sort of gets me used to the idea of being a year older before it happens. Technically I was already had my hands, feet, toes and fingers. Im sure mother would have been loving it if I would come earlier. I cant imagine being 9 months pregnant in August in Alabama. It just sounds horrific to me.

Alabama is like the other side of hell during the month of August. You walk outside and the humidity is so high it is like the air is pressing down on your shoulders. You cant breath very well. I have actually gotten dizzy from walking outside from the air conditioned indoors. The shock of the temperature change will just about knock you down. The heat index is triple digits every day. You start praying for the fall.

It wont rain either. It might thunder like the devil and lightening may be everywhere--but you get no rain. I think it has been about 3 weeks since we had a decent rain. When you got temps in the upper 90's to 100's, that is not good people. It isnt as bad as last year. Last year it didnt rain hardly at all and water started getting low. People werent allowed to water their yards or wash their cars. They showed Lake Purdy on the news and the cows were actually grazing on the grass that was growing on the dry lake bed. And by the way-Lake Purdy is one of the sources of water.

This year drought has not been mentioned - yet. No mention of water conservation either - yet. I keep wondering when that will happen. If it does a lot of people will be bitching. When it gets this hot and water gets short, so do tempers.

I think I will just go get me a six pack, pull the box fan outside and sit in the shade this weekend. May as well enjoy what is called The Dog Days of Summer.

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