Thursday, July 17, 2008

Love The Farmers Market

So I took some suggestions--just a couple. My brain cant do too much at one time. I went to the grocery store and got some spray on butter. I also bought that non stick spray stuff so I can fake fry things. I got the olive oil kind. I also bought Pringles light chips. I hesitate to even open the box because I will eat them all if I do. So the point of "light" goes out the window.

I also got the usual stuff for salads. Well I really only needed some lettuce because I had everything else. The joy of running a produce market means you get all the stuff that is fixing to go bad. I love that part.

I have a new dilemma: I am going to have to buy another refrigerator. The freezer is cold but it wont freeze anything. The fridge part is not as cold as it should be. So that sucks a big one. Everytime you think your going to have extra money--something happens to snatch it right out of your hands. I swear since it is just me I am tempted to buy a cooler and ice and use that for a couple weeks. Just to put off letting my money go. How redneck is that? I think it is pretty redneck. I have known people who do that all the time. Although the ice can get pricey. I dont keep a lot of food in the house so I can hold out a little while. I usually just run to the store when I need something. And as you have read--I eat it all at once. LOL

Im not sure what I will do. I also can use the fridge at work if necessary. It isnt like it is far away. It takes about 10 extra seconds from my life to walk over to it. So I could burn extra calories. Every little bit helps I just dont feel like dealing with looking for a refrigerator at the moment.

We went to the Farmer's Market this morning and bought all the veggies for the store. I love to go there. They give you samples and then when you eat it they expect you to buy. Not this chick. One guy gave me a peach and told me how good it was and to taste it. I did, I ate the entire peach. Usually they just cut a little off for you. My ass didnt give him a chance. Bit right into that baby. When he asked me how many I wanted I told him none. That is because just a couple trucks down the lane the same peaches where going for $2.00 bucks a basket less. I went and bought from that guy. Same peaches, different price. No brainer for me.

Since I ate the peach anyway he got kinda pissed. At least he looked like he did. I never intended to buy peaches from him, I was just walking by, but I really enjoyed the peach. If you hand me food, I will eat it. Especially if its free. My bosslady was embarrassed, but laughing at me.

Speaking of my bosslady, she loves green plums. LOVES them. We were looking at one vegetable place and they had green plums. These things go for like $26.00 a basket. They are quite pricey. We didnt get any. But when we got into the car I handed her three plums. You should have seen the look on her face.

"Where did you get these?" she asked me.

"Well, the baskets were on the ground you know. And my foot accidentally hit one of the baskets. And well, some plums rolled out. And well, I um, just picked them up off the ground because you know there no good to sell now. Right?"

She says I kill her sometimes. But she ate the plums.

I always have fun at the market.

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