Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My July 4th

I am back from Ocean Springs/Biloxi, Ms. The trip went okay--I had a great time with Jeff and Heather. There were some really bad moments that I will get into in another post. I decided that today I would just talk about the 4th of July. Which that is the same day we got there.

When we got there we grilled out ribs. Johnny (Jeff's mother's ex) also made cole slaw. That and beer was dinner. I was kinda hoping for at least some bread to go with this. But not to be a bitch I just ate what was there. Drinking helped. See the whole point of us getting up at 5:am was so we could be there by lunch. Supposedly a huge meal would be ready and waiting. NOT! I had to tell them it was time to start cooking because we had waited to eat because we were supposed to have a HUGE meal ready. I had to eat a tomatoe sandwich just to keep my sugar from dropping while we waited for the ribs to get ready. Oh and the slaw. Let's not forget the slaw. And the beer. As I said the beer helped.

There were lots of people to meet. Jeff and Johnny live by his boss. There are lots of children. Everyone was very nice and I liked them all.

We went to the beach for the celebration. The beach was packed out. Tons and tons of folks and most all of them were shooting their own fireworks. It was pretty great. We had a wonderful time. Heather was over the top excited about the fireworks. Here is her first reaction:

The people on the beach werent shooting baby fireworks either. They spent some money and even the individual fireworks were great. You couldnt look around fast enough to see them all. I know nothing like that would go on where I am from. So just like Heather, I hadnt ever seen anything quite like this kind of gathering.

We stayed watching fireworks for about 3 hours. As we were leaving we passed the Isle of Capri Casino and here is a sample of their fireworks. I am sorry if I didnt get them really good but I was kind of hanging out of the car and I had consumed many adult beverages.

I dont have time to talk about the whole weekend. Part of what I have to say will be in a rage and I will talk about that last. Let's just say that I will NEVER take Jeff's mother back. She can get a bus. But Jeff was great. He was so happy the entire weekend and Heather was a model child. Jeff was also very grateful that I came and brought Heather. The fact that we three had such a good time really over shadowed the parts that sent me into a rage. A rage I never showed in front of Heather.

I will post tons more photos next time. I plan to talk more about all we did in the next post. We just did a lot of stuff. I will also plan to talk about Jeff's mom and what she did that almost ruined the entire trip.

But all in all it was a good weekend. I even went to a garage sale. I love to do that. It is much more fun that running one.

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