Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Notes from the beach

My trip/vacation is considered a success. We all had a great time. Jeff is looking wonderful. He is healthy and happy. I pray it stays that way. When we first got there we got introduced to everyone. Jeff's boss and his family live right behind Jeff. Johnny lives to the right of Larry, Jeff's boss. The landlady and her daughter live in front of Johnny. There is a patio area in the middle of all this where everyone gets together to do whatever. Grill, drink, smoke or all of the above.

Johnny cooked ribs and coleslaw when we got there. While he was doing that me and Jeff left with his daughter Heather to go looking around. We drove down to the beach and got out and walked around there for awhile. We drove down the strip and there are quite a few casinos. When I was there about 20 years ago none of this stuff was there. So even though Hurricane Katrina wiped out the beach area, it seemed like it had really been built up to me.

You could still see a lot of evidence of the destruction of Katrina. You would see a sign still standing with the name of a business on it but the lot would be nothing but debris. Trees are dead. They are replacing them. Also, they are doing this neat thing with some of the remaining stumps of the trees that were lost. An artist or someone (maybe a lot of people) are carving animals in them. Really nice artwork of dolphins, owls, fish, birds, etc have been made from the stumps. Then they are polished up. They look really neat.

The second day there we went to the beach officially. Meaning we went to spend the day and swim. That was when I discovered I forgot my bathing suit. I KNEW I would forget something. So I had to go to Walmart and get a new one. Not what I wanted to do. I will not say what size I had to get but it is the biggest bathing suit I have ever bought. I kept trying on suits and having to go get a bigger one. I was in tears by the time I got one to fit. Heather was so cute about it. She told me it looked nice on me. I asked her if I looked fat. She said no, but even if I did there was nothing I could do about it today! LOL That is my new saying about everything I dont have control over. "There is nothing I can do about it today." So cool.

Here are some pictures I took of everyone and things we did:

Jeff---he looks really healthy right now. I love this picture of him.

Jeffs mom Gloria---the rage post regarding what she did is still coming. I just want to calm down before I do it. I dont want to get upset right now either. But here she is - believe it or not this lady is only about five years older than me.

This is Johnny--Gloria's ex--she went to see him as much as she went to see Jeff. He is an okay guy but he will aggravate you to death. Example--I burned my thimb pretty bad on a sparkler. I was just almost in tears because it is a bad burn. When he realized I had done it--he burned my leg with his hot lighter. God! I was furious! I wasted an entire beer on his head. I did get some satisfaction that less than 5 minutes later he burned his thumb while lighting another sparkler. Some things he thinks is funny just arent. Otherwise he is okay. But just okay. Oh--one other tidbit--the guy has terrible hygeine and always has. I watched him closely--He didnt bath the whole time I was there. Just a tidbit.

This is pretty little Amber. She is Jeff's bosses daughter. She is really sweet and we had a good time with her. She has a HUGE crush on Jeff. That is fine - she doesnt have many friends because she has only been here about a month. When her dad moved down there she stayed with her grandmother until now. Maybe when she starts school she can make some friends and even get a boyfriend. Jeff treats her like a little sister.

Frank--this is Jeff's boss. A really nice guy.

Me and Heather. I kind of like this picture.

Heather and her Dad--I am going to frame this one and get it to Heather. We bought a frame that has dolphins on it. I cant decide to use this one or one I took at the beach. They are both really good.

This is the one I am talking about I may frame for her. What do you guys think? Which one is dolphin frame worthy?

I had to take a picture of Jeff's little man chest. He also has a cute litte Happy Trail.

Beach photos of Heather--she loved the sand but hated the salt water. HATED it and wondered why anyone would be stupid enough to add salt to the water.

Jeff played everyday with all the kids that are around there. He had a lot of fun. Notice I handled the camera. I just dont have his energy.

These next two picture are of the Bayou. They all went swimming there on Sunday. I was told not to worry about aligaters. They do live there but after the first splash they go hide. Right--Im good right here on the bank--ya'll go ahead.

There was a pretty tall slide that Heather FINALLY decided was safe to go down as long as Dad was at the bottom to catch her.

Jeff playing in the Bayou.

The last night there me and Jeff and Heather just hung out eating junk in his camper. He had to work the next day and everyone was pretty much beat. The weekend was just go, go, go. Me and Jeff went to the Casino Saturday night. We took his mom to the first two Casinos. Since this will involve my rage post I will wait to tell you about it. I will say that Jeff told me he had the best weekend he had ever had. He loved me for bringing Heather and he just went on and on. I was really glad he was happy. I was happy having a good time with him too.
But I was really glad to get home.
Rage talk tomorrow.

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