Saturday, July 19, 2008

Techinical Problems

Have you ever had to get techinical support for something? I did today because my Norton Antivirus was acting stupid. It has been for a while now. After 4 hours it is fixed. I knew it would take a long time and I have put it off until there just was no putting it off any longer. Besides the boss is not here and if there is ever a good time-it is when he isnt here. I couldnt have done this with him here. He is one of these people that think the internet is evil and you should just take it off your computer. He believes the internet causes all computer problems and is totally unnecessary. Had I done this when he was here--he would have driven me crazy. He would have banned me from the internet. He has no idea how much work we do on the internet.

The speech would begin like this: "Whatever happened to the good old days? We didnt have computers and I dont see why we cant do our work the old-fashioned way!"

God forbid. It makes my eye twitch to think about it.

The guy with tech support was very helpful and he did everything remotely. That is so weird to me and kinda spooky that someone can access my computer and run it just like he was here with me. But he did fix it. It just took 4 solid long hours and I couldnt use it until he was done. I think he re-booted this thing 4 times while he was working on it. It was a real hassel.

I think he was burned out with it too. When he was done he didnt even say good bye. I mean after 4 hours I was starting to feel like we had a relationship going on. And then he left without a good bye. I felt so rejected. It is rare that I get to spend such a long time with a guy. And like I said--it was just like he was here.

I just hate computer problems. And this computer has a lot of them. It is very slow and sometimes (well most of the time) when I first start using it nothing wants to work. Every program I try to run will become non-responsive. Then when you try to shut it down it just sits there and stares at you. Like it is making fun of you. Many time I have almost declared war on it. If it was mine it would have already went out the window. Maybe one day my poor ass can buy one of my own.

I have nothing planned for the weekend. I have to work for one thing. Im not off until Monday and Tuesday. My niece has said something about possibly going to the zoo with the twins. That sounds like a good idea and I really would love to see their faces when they see the animals. This would be a first time zoo experience for them. It has been years since I have went to the zoo. A shame really, expecially since it is right here. I think the last time I went I was married and about 25 years old. Long time ago. Most of the time Amber will back out of stuff like this. Im not getting my hopes up. It would just be fun I think. And great picture taking opportunity!

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