Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Before and After

This took a lot of courage for me to post. And everyone that reads me knows why. Here is the photo of me with my hair up in a pony tail. I rarely wore it down when it was this long. But that pony tail went half-way down my back. Such an attractive photo with a cigarrette in my hand. Truly about as red-necked as I could get. Well, if I had added a can of beer to photo it would have been more redneck. Not that beer is redneck, but Im just sayin it would add to the effect. But I was in the right company so no one noticed. Everybody around me was a poster child for redneck.

I think I purposely picked the ugliest picture of me I could find for a before photo.

This is after the hair cut. I like it okay. I realize that I need to color my hair. Note the roots that are no longer roots. Half my head is one color and the other half is orange.

People I have gained 50 lbs since that profile photo to the left. This is what 50 lbs. looks like. Yuck, yuck, and yuck. No wonder Im not dating anyone.

Also, that shirt I have on used to be too big. It barely fits now. But I have been trying to eat right. Im not going to say the word diet. I refuse. I have been using less fat, trying to stay away from sugar and eating less bread. No fast food lately either. And I am a fast food junkie. It is easy to do for me. Living alone makes a drive thru a lot more appealing than a stove. And they just opened a Sonic up the road from me. The Sonic is like my favorite fast food place. I love the chili cheese dogs, the tater tots and my favorite drink is a diet cherry lime-aid. Heaven.

But I have stayed away from it. I dont think the weight is just going to fall off. I want to start walking but it is just so hot outside right now. Even in the early morning. Temps are 100 degrees with a heat index of above 105. Not exactly my thing. Exercise isnt my thing either so it doesnt take much for me to find an excuse.

But I am trying.

So there is the before and after hair. For what its worth.


Linda said...

Oh my gosh Lynn, I LOVE IT!! Your cut is sooo cute, and doesn't it just feel good to have it shorter?
You are lovely and beautiful!!!

Denise said...

I love it too. And I have always thought that you are beautiful, so don't sale your self short. Booyah! The weight won't just fall off you are right about that, but it sounds like you are mving in the right direction. Remember what I looked like when I was heavier? yeah um yeah. That's all I can say about that. Love ya.

Lynnbug said...

okay-"blush"--ya'll are being too kind!

janet said...

i think your cut is darling!!!! and like denise said your beautiful and dont sell yourself short, over the last year i have lost 30 lbs and gained 20 back then lost it. i would like to loose 10 more but you know what, i am just eating better and igave up pop months ago and thats like giving up breathing for me, so hard..i eat healthy all week and sat and sunday i eat what i want as much as i want and it seems to help me stay on track during the week....so dont try and go nuts little changes are the way to go ....