Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I was bored so I will bore you

I was bored yesterday. So since I was bored I grabbed my camera and went looking for something more bored than I was. Below is Lucy. She looked bored to me. I called her name and she looked at the camera. She is so good. Before I a got to taking pictures of her, she had been staring out the window on the door for like an hour. She does that all day. Now that has to be boring but she does this all the time. I wonder what she is thinking about when she does this. An escape route? I dont really think so because when she does actually manage to walk outside the door when Im not paying attention she will usually run back inside. She does this Oh Crap! thing with her head like she just realized she was outside. So I dont think she is trying to escape.

I think she like looking at this:

It is what you see when you look out my door. No neighbors. Just trees with tons of squirrels in them. One day I am going to manage to get a picture of the squirrels. They always run for the hills when I walk outside. I would feed them to get them used to me, but that is a mistake. They get to acting to much at home and you cant get rid of them.
Since I dont h ave any neighbors I am very let's say "relaxed" at home. (Well there is one neighbor up the hill from me. You can see their house and they can see mine, but we dont know each other. We have the same landlord.) I kind of just walk around with little or nothing at all on. I have even went outside to put the dog out on her leash with nothing but a tee shirt on. NOTHING--not even panties. The neighbor up the hill could have seen me, Im not sure. I would deny doing this if he ever said anything. Frankly I dont care if he did see me. He shouldnt be looking in my space.
That is weird that I dont care since I am so self conscious of my body. I contradict myself all the time like this. I think that sometimes I am just too lazy to put any clothes on once I get home. I think that over rides the self-conscious thing.
I dont even know why I am sharing this. I think it is because I was totally bored off my ass yesterday and it caused me to take pictures of my cat when I already have a billion pictures of her and then since that wasnt good enough I decided to take pictures of the damned trees.


Linda said...

Well, your cat is darling, and the trees, well shit! I wanna live there! How awesome for that to be the view out your door. If we had that, we wouldn't have to worry about our neighbors in the back watching Bruce and I "chunky dunk" in the hot tub.
And go outside with just a t-shirt, nothing else??? My hubby goes out to get the mail and the newspaper in his underwear and t-shirt--hello, we have houses all around us!! Everyone can see him, and that's always what I say "BRUCE PEOPLE CAN SEE YOU!!". He "acts" like he lives where you do...gawd.

janet said...

well i loved the pictures of the cat and trees and things, i wish i had the privacy you do, thats for sure. so it wasnt boring and hell yeah if he saw you he shouldnt be looking in your space!!!