Friday, July 25, 2008

We were trying different things.............

I love Kid Rock. His new song is in my head and I cant get it out. Im not even sure what the name of it is. It may be Sweet Home Alabama. It starts out on the chorus "We were trying different things, we were smoking funny things, making love out on the lake........". And it goes on. I am sure you have heard it.

But the song really hits close to what my summers were like in Alabama in my late teens and early twenties. My friends and I stayed at the lake. I was in love with a guy but he wasnt in love with me. He was cool though. And extremely bad ass good looking and could water ski like a pro. We would stay on the lake and cook out and drink. We listened to music from the truck radio. We also "sipped whiskey from a bottle" many times. And there was a lot of "making love all summer long." It was always hot as hell and we didnt even care. More reason to throw someone in the lake. At the end of one summer he left for the army and that was the end of that. I look at him now and he is not the cute guy I remember and worshipped. In fact he is quite ugly. How do cute guys when they are young morph into ugly grown men? I would love to have an answer to that one. So many cute guys from my younger days just didnt do well with age. Also, from what I understand he wasnt the best father or husband. Sometimes things work out for the best. But he was wonderful summer fun.

We had this friend who's family was totally rich. His family had a lake house. Even if he wasnt around we could go there and party. This lake house was extremely nice. Fully furnished with anything we needed. We would break into it because we didnt have a key. But these people didnt care. That fascinated me to no end that they didnt care. A lot of time was spent there playing off his dock in the middle of the night.

Summers during my early adulthood were so much fun. I drive by that lake and it has changed so much. All the swimming holes we used to go to are gone. Replaced by high priced houses. Back then you didnt have to know anyone to be able to find a place on the lake to party down on. Now you just about have to know someone who lives on the lake to be able to get access. It is a shame really.

I do remember another boyfriend of mine that I hung with in my late twenties. He had this tiny boat with a small motor on it. We would get in the "the tub" as I called it and stay on that lake all day. Drinking and riding the entire day. After many drinks we would be riding around naked in parts of the lake that bigger boats couldnt access. Mostly we would be alone because of how hard it was to get where we were. But almost everytime there would be someone fishing in a small boat like ours that we would run into. We would laugh beause we were naked. We didnt have a care in the world about it. We would make love on that lake all summer long. We had a blast. That was about the end of my lake days.

Those days are gone. It surprises me that as much as I love the water I rarely go anymore. I know if I did it wouldnt be like it was when I was younger.

That song brings back a lot of memories that make me smile.


Linda said...

How fun!! I love having the grandkids over, and pretty much let them have their way because the time is short. Yesterday we all ended up on my bed because Ella was going to nap,but then Gabe joined us. Lots of bed jumping ensued, and after the second time Gabe stepped on my crotch, I was over it. He said "grandma, I'm sorry I hurt your whateveryoucall it".
They are little for such a short time, and you are right about picking the battles. Unless it's really dangerous, I just let them have fun.

Lynnbug said...

Kenzy calls her whateveryoucallit her monkey. LOL