Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday night babysitting

I got to babysit the twins last night. I always, always have a good time with those kids. Especially when it is just us. They played by themselves for a long time last night. Kensy finally came to me with a comb and a straw and announced she was "going to cut my hair." This was a long drawn out process of flipping my hair up and back down with the comb and using the straw as pretend scissors. After that bit of grooming she decided she would cut my fingernails and my toenails. She would say "hold still!" "It not hurt!" "Just one more!" This must be what her mother tells her when she is cutting her nails. She was using the straw as a pretend toe nail clipper.l This was just too cute to me and she was so very serious. It was hard not to laugh.

About 8:00 pm both of the children came to me and got me by the hand. It was almost like they had discussed this together. They led me to their bedroom and demanded I lay down. So I did and it ended up with us all piled in the bed watching Noggin. But was this sleep time for them? Not quite. They got bored with that and started jumping from the table to the bed. They love to do that. I had to get up because I couldnt take the jumping on my stomach last night. They went to bed for good around 9:00 pm.

These babies are growing up so fast. They will be three in September. The only thing they have not been able to do is get potty trained. I dont know if it is because Amber has not really pressed the issue or they just dont get it. Kensy will go into the bathroom and take her diaper off and sit on the toilet. She gets her some toilet paper and sits. And sits. But she never tee tees. Then there is this long proces of washing her hands. Maybe potty training is fixin' to happen. Who knows. I look at it this way--it WILL happen before they are six. I dont have to change that many diapers because I only babysit. Her mother and daddy have the biggest responsibility for that. If it doesnt bother them, it certainly doesnt bother me.

Kensy and Owen are also doing this weird thing with their little chairs. Owen has Spiderman and Kensy has Dora. They will tell you this everytime you come over. They just have to show you their little chairs. What they do is they put the chairs on the couch. And then climb up and sit on them. I cant figure this one out. I tried to get them to put them on the floor because I was afraid they would fall. They wouldnt have none of it. So I just watched them like a hawk the whole time they sat up there. I pick my battles. I wasnt in the mood to fight them over this. I just dont get putting the chairs on the couch. They have a reason and only they know what it is.

There is also another chair that is made of foam. Owen has started insisting he gets to sleep with it. It is a bit big for the bed but I didnt fight him on this one either. He has his reasons I guess. Maybe he just LUVS it.

I had a really good time with them. I was really happy when Kensy was reciting who she loves and I was in the group of people she named. A nice evening.

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